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That room [Chap 2]

May 2, 2016


Square white crystals spiral downwards from the metal skeleton of wires, hanging above the duo sitting in the furnished room.

Staccato beeping bounces off the walls of the room as a dirty blonde male furiously taps on the screen of a phone. The boy’s green eyes squint in concentration and determination as he taps quickly , as if he was trying to break the innocent glass sheet.

In the midst of the shower of bullet-like beeping, soft occasional off-key beeps resound from the tablet held by a blonde female. A frown often appears on the female’s face, before her olive eyes widens and she taps the screen with a smile on her face.

The wooden door opens and the dark haired siblings walk in the room, the blonde duo put away their devices. “Hello Honoria, welcome to our mansion. Let’s get down to business, now shall we? This is my sister, Daia.” Sabio gestures to the black haired girl as flashes a small smile to the Landfords.

“Nice to meet you Daia. I’m Honoria.” The blonde girl says, shaking her hand. “If you remember, this is my brother, Corbin.” The blonde male walks in front of Daia and nervously shakes her hand, his green eyes shining with a masked nervousness.

The pairs of siblings sit on the velvet sofas, facing each other. “So, all of us meeting together today is not for business, it’s about your father’s will.” Honoria announces as Corbin furrows his eyebrows.

At the joint funeral of their parents, the will was not read out to everyone, the priest saying that the deceased parents wanted only the oldest children to hear it.

“In the will, our fathers wants the feud between our families, the Landfords and the Sterlings, to end.”


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