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May 2, 2016

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As the sharp pain waked him, Livanian slowly opened his eyes. The surrounding was filled with darkness; he has not been exposed to any brightness for the past three months.
Three months. Not as short as I have expected. Thought Livanian, then he made a stern noise, revealed the fact that he was in great anguish.
Three months ago, Livanian made the biggest decision ever in his life. He chose to follow Satan instead of the Everlasting God. He thought he made the right choice; he was actually silly enough to believe that the devil might be more powerful than the God, but he was wrong, and he paid the price for it. He was thrown into Hell with all the fallen angels that followed Satan. Other than that, their wings were all pulled out of their body, if there was a bit of light and a mirror, maybe Livanian would be able to see the reflection of the two bloody holes on his shoulder blade.
“What have I done?” Livanian whispered hoarsely, his voice was so soft that even he himself was not sure if he said that.
For the past three months he had been half unconscious, despite that, he has also been thinking about the decision he made, now he knew he was so ridiculously wrong, but there was no redemption for him anymore.
All of a sudden, Livanian’s attention was caught by a squeaking noise; his natural instinct told him that it was a rat. Livanian’s curiosity surged inside his deformed body, he used all the power he had in his body and set a meager light. Under the light, he could see now. He was right, that was a rat, it was squeaking and using its teeth to bit the harden rock on the wall, trying to make a way out.
Livanian was shocked by what that rat was doing. It seemed impossible to get out of here, and yet the rat did not give up on its last hope. It was just a small rat, and he was a fallen angel, who was much bigger and stronger than it. Suddenly, Livanian had regained his hope, and he was determined to get out of the Hell.
Slowly, Livanian stood up, shivering. He quickly put his hands on the wall besides him; his body weight was all on his arms.
Good. At least I’m making progress. Livanian thought optimistically to himself as he walked ponderously leaning against the wall, he felt as if his legs were as heavy as golden chains. Biting his lips, Livanian continued walking. He had no idea how long did he take, but there was light at the front. Glimmers of light shone like glimmers of hope, giving more Livanian motivation to move.
Just one more step. Just one more step. Livanian encouraged himself as he was reaching the light source. A bit closer, just a little bit. Then, he was there.
Livanian thought he would be smiling when he reached the light, but now, he could not even fake a smile. The lights he saw were not the lights of hope; they were the eyes of a dragon, which was the guard of Hell’s Gate.
“Sinner, why are you here at the gate?” The dragon asked in its low, vigorous voice, Livanian could not tell what its emotion was.
“I confess my crime, but I must get out!” Livanian’s voice volume was crescendo. The dragon seemed unwavering, standing firmly in front of Livanian, staring at him like an eagle staring at its prey.
“You will not go across the gate.” The dragon articulated every syllable of the phrase calmly, and then it was ready to fight.
Livanian did not know if the power left in him was enough to fight this dragon, but he did not have other choices, fighting it would be the only chance to escape, so he pulled out the sword that Michael stabbed in his left shoulder and was ready to face the worst situation.
If I fail, I die. Death would set me free. But if I win, I can get out, then I can confess my crime and be forgiven, my life would return to the normal track, so fight. I will fight. Livanian thought before he made his first attack, this was his last hope.
The guard of Hell’s Gate surely was no ordinary. Fire came out from the dragon’s mouth, burning the rocks into ashes, Livanian wondered if that was going to happen on him too, but soon he realized he must concentrate on his attacks.
Hours after hours, Livanian could not remember how long has he been fighting with the dragon, the only thing he could think of was how exhausted he was. The dragon there, clearly used up all of its strength too, crumbled on the floor, gasping desperately for air.
Perfect chance, just right into its heart and then…Livanian glanced at the dragon. This was the perfect chance for him to kill it, once he killed it, he could go out. That idea surged inside him like waves rising during a tsunami, as he was thinking, Livanian moved towards the dragon. An evil smile appeared on his face while he was getting closer to the guard of Hell’s Gate, he did not notice the expression he had on his face, but all he was thinking was kill it.
Thumb, thumb. Livanian could hear his heart pounding heavily, and then he moved to the back of the unconscious dragon. Swoosh. Livanian’s sword drove through the dragon’s body, the guard of Hell’s Gate then died in coma, without agony.
Livanian smiled, with a fierce expression in his eyes, then he dropped the sword and opened the gate. A beam of light illuminated Livanian’s face, his eyes felt like they were burning as they had not been exposed to brightness for months, so he closed his eyes and covered them with his finger, but soon he realized the burning sense on his eyes was getting more obvious, and it felt as if the heat was spreading to other parts of his body. Livanian opened his eyes quickly, but it was too late. His legs were already on fire, and it was spreading so swiftly like the magma coming out from an erupting volcano.
“Ahhhh!” Livanian screamed hoarsely, his voice reaching the highest pitch limit.
“Sinner, this is your ultimate punishment. The holy fire would purify your soul and rebuild you. You could have been forgiven, but you made the worst decision in your life just now, you killed the dragon, therefore your sin is unforgivable.” Said a powerful voice from the clouds, although Livanian was blind now, but he could tell from the voice, it was Michael.
“Michael! I confess my crime! I confess it! Could you just extinguish the fire on my body! It’s torturing me!” Livanian shouted towards the clouds, he knew Michael was still there.
“It’s too late Livanian. You’ve lost your last chance. There is no way you can find your redemption.” Said another calm voice, Livanian could tell this one was Raphael.
“No you’re lying! No! This can’t be true! No! Ahhhh!” As Livanian screamed out his last words as the holy fire burned him down. He used to be a pretty angel with two big golden wings at his back, but now all his imprints in this world were burned to ashes, blown to every corner of hell by the breeze.
“Rest in peace, old friend.” Raphael closed his eyes, whispered to the remnants of Livanian’s ash.
The wind keeps blowing, the sun is still shining, and everything seems perfect, as if it has always been this peaceful. After so many years, no one knows what happened here once. Near the gate of a dark abandoned palace, a newborn infant lies there, crying. An old lady walks quietly towards him, and then she holds him carefully in her arms. As she gently flips the baby’s clothes, a golden tattoo on his chest shines into her eyes. The tattoo is nothing complicated, just a single letter, L.


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