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hmmm this aint that good but im overwhelmed by being human so this is the best youll get from me lol

waltz another night away (a gentler type of lie)

September 27, 2019



the night comes with a special kind of softness,
where the music swells and carries itself through the hall
and we all shed our armor,
                    always reaching
for that fleeting connection of souls.

a warm haze settles on the hall;
I catch your eye through the masses,
                            just for a moment
                                    before we both look away

and keep dancing.

the light touch of a hand on my waist,
behind me, I hear laughter,
light as a sparrow in flight;
                                    this, too, is electrifying.

in this moment, we are more aware of our bodies than ever before,
leading and being lead in circles,
allowing ourselves to feel the presence of those around us,
rather than hide away from it all.

my hand lingers for a moment,
then my doe-eyed partner is swept away by the dance.
your hand trails along my waist,
                        comfort and a burning fire all at once;

come closer, your eyes say,
and i obey, falling closer in this waltz of longing,
barely tripping over our feet as we lose ourselves to the moment.
your face is unguarded, honest,
                                            is it any wonder that I'm in love?

the swirl of fabric from your dress distracts me,
that is,
                until you pull me closer, closer,
                                                    whisper focus

and I shiver from the feel of your breath on me.
my hand tightens its hold on yours;
in our most soul-baring exchange, only one word has been uttered,
yet I have heard everything else you've said,
just as you've heard me.

we understand each other,
down to the atoms in our bones,

                    then I am swept away into another dance,
                          in the arms of another loveless lover,
                               baring her soul to me beneath the singing of the violins.

I follow her steps, instinct more than practice,
and promise you another dance;

we know better than to say it out loud --
some promises will always be broken.

but for tonight, I will find my way back into your arms
                    and we shall continue our search for a cure to our loneliness.

the intimacy of ballroom dancing... the trust in your partner, the matching movements, the feeling of only existing in that moment as you dance together..... im dyin scoob.


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  • Anha

    september highlights have gone live!

    about 1 year ago
  • Ruthh

    not being dramatic but this is perfect and ballroom dancing makes me uwu I WISH it was still a cultural norm

    about 1 year ago