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The Heart

March 18, 2015

PROMPT: Story of a Scar


The heart on my wrist is a scar, actually its a scar shaped as a heart. It is a symbol of experience. It was an autunm day during my fifth grade year. I was a small and short kid who didn't really stand out I was really aggressive back then though. You see I was all bark and no bite, I would challenge  people unnecessarily. So there was a boy I was crushing on as a kid, his name being John I would always harrass him to try get attention which I think is incredibly stupid now, anyways I dared him to race me on the rack in the playground at recess. Everyone had gathered around to see the race. There was just a small crowd, living in LA at that time I went to a very small school. As the race was beginning to start I for sure knew I was going to lose to John because  he was a fast runner, I was getting to run. A random person said Ready, Set Go! As we took off I was in the lead by what seemed a mile in my elementary school mind. As we reached the ending point I looked back and tripped over my own foot and ended up losing the race. I only scrapped my wrist but every time I look at this heart shaped scar I remember thinking back then that I wanted to spend the rest of my life running. Still to this day I love running. I'm even on the track team. This scar a remider that I love doing my best and running is my life. I never want it to fade away. 

Meh... this got really weird.


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