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Volley ball

By: Lena Jazi

Lena Jazi

Almost everyone in school plays a sport. There's so much like soccer, basketball,lax, volleyball,cross country and more. Those are just the mains. The sport I enjoy the most so far is volleyball. This is my first year and so far I really enjoy playing with my teammates. I first got interested cause last year so many people joined the team, watched,and talked about it. So I assumed that volleyball is a really good game and it is. There's so many reasons like it helps you communicate with you team mates. So i decided to join and I don't regret it at all, I love every little bit of it even when the coaches yell at you they only do that because they know you can do better. Although it's fun there are so many rules you need to think about all at once like keep your hands straight, bend down, move. But at the end either way if you lose or win it's worth the try. When I play I get nervous which is totally normal everyone does, but thinking about how everyone is watching and if you mess up they look at you is terrifying, but I got used to it. When im playing I try to push all the negativity to the back of my head and not think about the bad but the good. I don't really have any experience in volleyball except the fact that I played it in PE last year. While that I was thinking of joining the team and learned most of the main rules just in case if I joined. But I think that any sport can help you get into a really good school and also with you future. That I know of school like having students that are smart but also athletic. School look at your record from you past and see what sports you do how long and they see if you were on a good team because they want advanced athletes. Some cons about volleyball or any sport in fact is that sometimes it gets in the way of your learning. Sometimes I would rush through my homework or get it done late because I get home so late and I need to do a lot of things. But the important thing is that you try and keep your grades up. One of our best games was a while ago and we won the first half but the second half was 21 to 0. The whole time my teammate was serving. My coach said that was the best she has ever seen in her life. We had a lot of really good games. I don't only enjoy playing volleyball but i also love watching it, I mostly watch my schools high school play.I love just watching the ball fly from side to side, getting passed along the way. Sometimes I think of volleyball as hot potato but in more in an advanced way. But I love when it's sometimes stuff happened that are unexpected. I love watching our high school volleyball play that I even went to state with them and cheered them on, it took 1 hour and a half but it was worth watching and cheering. At the end of the day i screamed so loud that my voice hurt. We have 3 teams for our volleyball, one of them is JV which is lower school then there is varsity which is 8th grade the one i am in and lastly there is a high school volleyball high school doesn't have a Jv or varsity cause they don't have enough people but i like it better the way it is right now cause they make a really good team. I love how volleyball brings you closer with everyone on your team. I have gone to so many high school games and i didnt know any one but since I watched and they know I am on the team we know each other better. And they help me so much while I am nervous during a game, they help me tell me yo shake it off and tell me what I did wrong and help to fix it. An s you can see I love playing volleyball, in my opinion it's the best sport.

Peer Review

Your piece is very informational. You should try to add more conections to other people or even yourself.

mine is informational as well. My tips are just to let yourself go write directly from your mind, and think about a specific event that relates to your piece

You did a good job at adding a scene of the other person serving the volleyball and your team serving a lot of points- that is a very vivid picture you described.

this is one aspect I think that you may need to work on

Mabye you'll see my review before 11:59

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Good luck Lena!!!