Nathaniel Ryan Hutchins, prefers Ry- An absent-minded author who can't get a job because all he's interested in is creative writing and music.

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.close your eyes.

May 2, 2016

PROMPT: Imagine This

"Where is Mother?"

"I do not know," he lies. His daughter creeps closer to him on the unmade bed, her eyes wide and luminous in the moonlight. She looks cold, and he holds her close, feels her heartbeat thudding against his chest. Another nightmare, then. He struggles not to cringe as she coughs, the sound harsh and jagged in the nighttime silence. He kisses her hair, smooths a hand down her back comfortingly. At these times, he wishes with all his heart that it were him and not her that the ailment had taken hold of. 

"Thank you for letting me sleep here tonight, Dad."

"Of course. I love you, Delilah." 

"I love you too." 

He doesn't speak after that, closes his eyes against the coughs and the fact that he could not tell her that her mother was dead. He loves her, and that is that.


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