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March 18, 2015

 - I wish my hands weren't tied behind my back.

- I wish I wasn't standing in front of a brick wall. With those other fathers and brothers getting ready to point their guns at me.

- I wish I had never joined the army.

No. That's not true. If I could go back and do it again, I would do everything the same.

- No, I wish this war had never begun in the first place.

Then no one would have died. Then this beautiful landscape would not be marred by the smoke, the barbed wire, the death, the unanswered pleas for help …

- And now, as the captain shouts out his orders in a foreign language, I think of my family. My wife. My children. And I wish for them happiness and peace. Even without me. Even with the war.

- I wish I could see them one last time.

- I wish these tears wouldn't fall.

The captain shouts the order, and the men raise their guns. All of them, pointed at me.

- And I wish they weren't.

He shouts another order, and they take aim.

- And I wish they wouldn't.

- And as he gives the last shout, and these fathers and brothers pull their triggers, I wish with all my heart that God still loves me. Even though it seems He's abandoned me right now. And I wish that He is still willing to forgive me. Even with all I've done.

And as the bullets pierce my chest, I know that He has.

Because I feel his hands lifting me from the dirt, where I had fallen. And He holds me close. And I hear His voice:

“Well done, good and faithful servant. Your time on earth is finished. Welcome home.”


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