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What really happens on Christmas

May 1, 2016


Tomorrow is December 2nd and I can say that this is the first year that it does not feel like Christmas at all. There is no snow, no Christmas trees or decorations. It feels like any ordinary day in the year except I know it's not. I also know I won't get any presents, because my family is having money problems so I don't really expect anything.

But not only does not feel like Christmas I haven't been sleeping well these last couple of days. I've been getting very vivid dreams. Each one more realistic than the last. All with one thing in common, a guy with dark brown hair and with a blue eye and the other green. But what holds my interest about him is not just his very fit body. It's the way he just stands there just watching. In my last dream he was staring as I fought with some stranger.

The man looks like a villain strait from a movie. He was built like a pro-wrestler and he was about six feet tall, and he also had some tattoos covering his upper body that I was able to see since he was shirtless for some reason. They were a lot of spirals all coming together on the center of his chest with the shape of a Triquetra. But anyway as I was saying he just stood there as I pushed a dagger into that man's heart. This was when I woke up with a start.

"Corina come down to eat!"

"Coming mother!"

"Don't call me mother! It makes me sound old!"

"Sure mother!"

I'm Corina by the way, I'm sixteen years old and I am an only child. I have light brown hair which I got from my mother and my ocean blue eyes I got from my father. My parents are hardworking and kind people. They had me when they were still young, which plays a part in how they act with me. They are not very strict since they trust me. A trust that I am not willing to lose ever.

I enter the dining room and see mom dancing around to a Rihanna song and singing while pointing at my father who is laughing at her dance moves. Here is the thing my mother is a really really bad dancer, so she looks a little bit like a recently born colt trying to walk.

"Nice moves mom."

She beams up at me, dismissing my sarcastic tone. I forgot to mention she is five foot three tall and I am five foot nine, since my dad is six feet tall. So she has to look up to talk to our faces. But don't let her height fool you, she can kick serious butt (She was a black-belt in high school)

"Thank you sweetie, see Jonathan at least some one in this family appreciates my dance moves."

Dad chuckles and pulls her to him and says

"Oh I appreciate your dance moves just fine."

Then he places a kiss on her lips.

"Hello, Child present!"

They separate and dad begins to look around then he says

"I don't see any."

I roll my eyes at him as he grins at me.

"Corina, what do you want for Christmas? You still haven't told us."

I look at mom as she says this, then I look down towards my plate of food and say

"I don't really want anything. I have everything I could have asked for and more."

They smile at me. And dad gets up from his seat and places a kiss on mom's lips again then one on my temple and says:

"I have to go to work. I'll be back for lunch. Love you girls."

"Love you, be safe"

"Love you dad"

Both mom and I say as the door closes.

"Mom have you ever had very vivid dreams?"

"Sure, honey all the time."

"Yeah but, like really vivid dreams almost as if you are really there?"

"Cori, what is this about?"

Mom asks as she sits down next to me and places a hand on my shoulder with a worried look in her face.

"Mom I've been having very weird dreams. They began this month and they have been getting more realistic every time. Is something wrong with me?"

"Nothing is wrong with you, alright? I will tell you everything when Jonathan gets home."

"Mom, what's going on? What does dad have to do with this?'

"Everything will be explained."

I sigh and get up from the seat and I go to my room. I land on the bed and sleeps begins to overcome me. And in minutes I am sleeping again.

I look around me and notice I am near my old school, Jefferson middle-school. This would be the first time that one of my dreams happens on my home town. It is also snowing heavily; I walk towards the building when I see a figure leaning on the side of the entrance. As I got closer I realize it's the same guy in my dreams.

"Who are you? Why are you always watching? Why don't you ever help me? Why are we at my old school?"

He just stands there looking at me. Then I notice his eyes move to see behind me. I turn around and I see a woman with blood red hair and dark brown eyes with a sinister smile on her face. I back up until I am next to the guy. I look down at my hand as I felt something cold and heavy on my hand and I found a dagger with some markings surrounding it. And that is also when I notice that I have those same markings on my skin like tattoos but they were a metallic color. I look up when I heard the woman thing make a screech like sound then she begins to walk towards me. I look towards the guy and notice he is looking at me.

"What is going on? Help me!"

"I can't help you."

"Please! She will kill us!"

"She won't."

"How do you know?"

"You won't let her."

"I can't fight her!"

"Yes you can you have done it before, why not now?"

"I've never fought anyone before."

"Not consciously."

She is now only a few feet away. I nervously look around for any means of escape. But just as I am about to break out
running the guy holds on to my hand and I try to ignore the small zap of electricity that passed when our skin touched then he says.

"Running won't help. Just follow your instincts."

"I am they are telling me to get the hell away from here."

"You know exactly what you have to do just turn off your thoughts Corina."

"How do you know my name?"

"That is really the least of your problems now go and fight."

I look at him one last time and then I turn towards the woman and I hold on tighter to the dagger.

"Little Corina, it would be my pleasure to finally end your pathetic existence."

"Actually you won't. And how does everyone know my name here?"

The woman chuckles darkly then lunges at me. I sidestep to the right then with my dagger I scratch her arm as the woman falls on the snow and it lets out a scream. She gets up and growls at me. Seriously she just growled at me! We begin to circle each other seeing who makes the first move. I step forwards and land a punch on her face. Then I do a roundhouse kick and the woman falls again on the ground. She gets up and lands a scratch on my face which let me tell you stung a lot, then she jumps on me and punches my face continuously. I take my dagger and push it through her heart just like in my previous dream; the woman lets out a high pitched screech before turning into a dark dust. The last thing I heard before I blacked out was:

"I'll see you soon my Corina."

I wake up sweating and breathing heavily. And I hear a pounding on my door and mom yelling my name. I rush to open the door and mom rushes in hugging me.

"Corina are you alright? You were screaming. And- Oh my god Corina your face!"

Mom looks freaked out as she looks at my face. She pushes me to the bathroom and makes me sit down next to the sink. Then she puts a cloth under the water and begins to wipe my face with it. That's when I notice all the blood in the cloth. My eyes widen at the site and I turn to the mirror. Where I am met with a scratch on my cheek and a black and blue on my eye and one on my cheek. I raise my hand to touch the cut and wince at the contact.

"Corina, What happened?"

"I...I don't know. I had this dream and these just appeared."

"In your dream, Did you get these wounds?"


"Oh honey. Come on let finish getting you cleaned up and then your father and I are going to have to talk to you."

"Mom what's wrong to me?"

"Nothing is wrong with you."

"Mom I just had a dream where I got hurt and now I have those same wounds. How can there not be anything wrong with me?"

"It's not you. It's a gift that only very few people have."

"A gift? More like a curse. I killed a woman!"

"That was not just any woman that was one of the bogeyman's workers and we have to fight them to protect Christmas. How did the one you see look?"

"It was a woman with red hair and dark brown eyes."

"That's one of his daughters."

'The Bogeyman? But that's a kid's story."

"It's not just a kid's story. The bogeyman is always out to destroy Christmas and it's up to us the guardians to save Christmas year after year. Because no matter how many times we defeat him. The children's fears keep him alive."

"What do you mean guardians?"

"I'll explain everything to you once your father gets home."

Just as she said that the front door opens and dad's voice flows through the house.

"Girl's I'm home."

He yells

"In the bathroom!"

Mom yells back at him. We hear his footsteps get closer and soon he steps through the open bathroom door and stops once he gets a glimpse of my injured face. You could see the rage build in his eyes as he gets closer to me and sees all the injuries.

"Who did this?"

He says with such a dangerous voice that even mom flinches. But she quickly recovers and places a hand on dads back which calms him down a little then she says

"She shadow-walked."

He looks at her face and when he sees her seriousness he sighs and rubs a hand down his face.

"I hoped she didn't have the gift, that it skipped a generation."

"Me too."

"What's Shadow-walking?"

I ask them. They look back at me and dad places a hand softly on my cheek and rubs a finger on my wound. He sighs again and says:

"Let's go to the living room."

We sit on the couch with me in the middle, mom on my right and dad on my left.

"Honey, when I said we are Guardians I meant it. We are the guardians of Christmas. There are a total of 365 Protectors one for each day of the year and they all have many descendant, the descendants are called Guardians, we are Guardians. We are descendants of one of the Original Protectors. There are five of the Original Protectors: Santa Claus, Jack Frost, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and Sandman. We are descendants of Santa Claus. It's our duty to protect Christmas."

"From the Bogeyman?"
"Yes, The Bogeyman and his descendants. Even if there is less of his descendants than Guardians. They are very powerful. The one you faced, Clarissa, she was the youngest girl; she had yet to reach her full potential. And you only made her turn into her true form, dust. You did not kill her you needed to say a phrase that prevents her dust particles to reunite and her body to come together again."

"So I didn't kill her?"

"No, you just returned her to her true form."

Dad answered this time.

"So she is still there?"


"I have to go back!"


"He will be in danger!"

"Who? Corina?"

"The guy!"

My mom pales a little and then asks:

"What did this guy look like? And is this the first time you have seen him?"

"No he has been in every single dream. And he has dark brown hair and one blue eye and the other green."

They look at each-other and dad says

"A Frost."

My mother nods.

"As in Jack Frost?"

"Yes this guy is one of his descendants."

"Why is he in all my dreams?"

Mom swallows before she curses and mumbles

"She is too young!"

"I'm too young for what mom? Who is he?"

"He is your... well, he is your partner."

She answered me.

"Why am I to young?"

"Because you usually get your partner when you are eighteen and have trained."

"He's coming."

I tell them remembering what he said before I woke up.


Now it was dad who asked

"Before I woke up he said he will see me soon."

"How did he find you?"

"We were on Jefferson MS."

"What? So close?!"

Mom exclaims

"Yeah. I tried running away but he held me back and told me I could do it. That I could fight her, so I did."

"Did he say when he was coming?"

I shake my head at my father's question.

"No, just that he was."

They nod and then dad says

"We will begin your training tomorrow. You need to be prepared. Go rest."

"Won't I go back?"

"No that only happens your first time the next times you will chose where and when you go."

I nod and then I go to my room after I bid them 'Goodnight'. I lay in bed staring at the ceiling as I take everything I learned
today in. I still have many questions, like: Why did I have that dagger? Where did it come from? What did those symbols mean? Why did I have tattoos? How did I know what to do? If that guy is my partner, Why does he never help me? And why did he only talk to me today?

I fall asleep with all those questions flowing in my head. 

"Missed me already?"

I look towards the voice and see the same one green and one blue eye guy. I check our surroundings expecting one of the descendants to be around but I don't find any. Only a cute cottage house, with a couch on the middle of the living room, a television mounted on the wall and a fireplace on the left corner of the house.

"I see your parents told you."

I nod at him.

"So you know who I am to you?"

"You are my partner."

"Partner? I guess that's one way to put it."

He shrugs but a grin makes way to his lips making him even more attractive.

"I'm Erik Frost."

He extends a hand to me and I place mine in his as I say

"Corina Claus"

He places a kiss on the top of my hand.

"I know."

I pull my hand from his even if it felt amazing having his hand around mine.

"Why didn't you help me?"

"You had to learn to trust yourself."

"What if I didn't?!"

"I wouldn't let anything happen to you."

I roll my eyes and look at our surroundings. We are in a small cottage but from what I can see out the windows we are
surrounded by snow.

"Where are we?"

"This is my house."

"You live by yourself?"

He nods with a expression that clearly says drop it. So I do.

"And Where exactly is your house?"


"Alaska?! How did I get here? I was in Minnesota just a few minutes ago."

"We are Shadow-Walkers we can travel in the shadows from one side of the world to the other."

"Only when we sleep right?"

"No. I'm actually awake and so are you. Sure you arrived here on your dream state but now you are awake. Just like when
you fought Clarissa."

"You can only do things when you are awake. All the fights you were in while you thought you were dreaming. It wasn't a
dream. None of this is."

"So I really am here. In Alaska?"

"Yes. Sure you began to travel your sleep but when you got here you opened your eyes and now you are awake."

"Okay, I guess. My dad said that I'm going to start training soon."

"That's good. It will help you be more in touch with your warrior side."

"My warrior side?"

"Yes all Guardians have a warrior side that they use when they are going up against the Descendants. That's what we all call
them. And the dagger you had in your hand that is your personalized weapon. You chose it just as much as it chose you."

"Why do we have to fight them?"

"The Descendants?"

I nod.

"The Bogeyman wants to turn the humans into the dark side and make them live in a constant nightmare."


"Because he hates us. You know he use to be one of the Protectors. But humans and guardians alike were always wary of him
for he is not such a nice site to look at. One day he decided that he had enough so he began to act how they saw him, make their visions of him true and so he spiraled down to a dark place and now he lives to make us just as miserable as he was."

"Wow. So now it's our job to protect all humans from him."


"What were the Protectors protecting the humans from, when The Bogeyman was good."

"They were protecting them from themselves. Keeping children happy. That was their job but Bogeyman changed the job
description for us."

"Okay. I also want to know about my tattoo's? When I was up against one of his daughters Clarissa I had tattoo's and if that
wasn't a dream. Why don't I have them now?"

"They are protection against the Descendants sleeping/nightmare dust. We as descendants of the Original Protectors have them."

"So they only appear when Descendants are near."


"So in a way the tattoo's also help us know if one of them are near."

"Yeah. We never really thought about that."

He looks impressed with my observation. I look around again and see a clock on a coffee table and notice that is midnight.

"I have to go. It's very late and my parents will kill me."

"Yeah, you are right. You should head back home. I'll see you sooner than you think."

"How soon?"

"This week."

He winks at me and I roll my eyes at him. I get up from the seat and look around.

"So how do I get back then?"

He chuckles and stands with me. Than he says

"Just picture a corner of your room and close your eyes. Got it?"

I nod.

"Okay now imagine the feeling of fading out here and appearing over there."

I do as he says and right before I open my eyes I hear him say

"See you soon."

I opened my eyes and see that I am back in my room. I go to my bed and plop down on it and just lay there staring up at the ceiling with a smile on my face and soon sleep consumes me. 

Today I woke up with some questions still running around in my head. Like, Are there more Descendants coming for us? Will I be prepared enough for when they come back? How will Erik help me? When is the next attack? Is there going to be a next attack?

I shake these questions out of my head as I get up from my bed and head towards the bathroom to take a long and warm shower. After being in the shower for more than twenty minutes I step out from the water and wrap the towel around my body. That is when I notice something in the mirror. I step closer to it and notice that written with the fog in the mirror from the warm water is the phrase 'I found you - CB'. I run out of the bathroom and yell


I hear her run from her room and dad following her footsteps. When she sees my state she pulls a blanket from the cupboard
and covers me with it as she asks

"Corina, what's going on?"

"Someone wrote on the mirror while I was showering."

"Jonathan go check it out."

Dad does as mom asks and runs to the bathroom then curses loudly.

"What is it honey?"

Mom worriedly asks him.

"It's a message from Clarissa Bogey I guess is out for revenge and now she found out where we live."

"Dad, what are we going to do?"

"We have to leave here."

"No! I mean we can't."

I nervously chuckle as I said the last part.

"Why not Corina? You are in danger."

"Erik said he was coming this week we have to wait for him."

"Who is Erik?"

Dad asked with arms crossed and a raised eyebrow.

"Erik Frost, my partner. We can't leave until he gets here."

Mom and Dad look at each other. Then Mom intriguingly asks me

"I thought you didn't know his name?"

"I didn't . Not when you asked at least."

"You saw him again?"

Now it was dad who asked. I nod and say

"Yes last night. I shadow-walked to his home."

"His home?"

Mom asks with a raised brow.

"Yes. In Alaska."

I mumble the word Alaska.


"In Alaska ok? I have no idea how I got there since I've never been to his house before I fell asleep and the next thing I knew
I was in his living room."

"He is your partner he must have been calling for you. That's how you got there."

Dad said nonchalantly

"That's a thing? I can just call him and he would appear?"

"It's more complicated than that. But basically yeah."

Dad answered.

"Can you teach me to do that now?"

I direct the question towards dad.

"Why now?"

Mom asks.

"So we can tell him that Clarissa is coming back."

"It takes years to master this technique."

Dad tells me.

"How about an hour?"

I ask him with an innocent look and smile. He chuckles and nods saying

"Fine. We'll try."

I squeal and thank him. Then I go towards my room to put on decent clothes.

After I got dressed I went into the living room since I heard mom and dad talking. I notice that mom has a anxious look in her eyes as I enter the room. So I ask her

"Mom, what's wrong?"

"I just didn't want you to have to live with this burden. Yes we call it a gift but the truth is that it's not. We have to constantly be on guard and be on the lookout for Descendants. And they are not a pretty thing to deal with as you know.

"That may be mom, but I was born into this. Just like you and dad were. But can I ask why now? I mean this could have
happened anytime. So why now?"

"We, the Claus's all get access to our "gifts" the first of December once we are sixteen. Just like you did. Because we are descendants of Santa Claus and December is the month that is our responsibility, since it is our holiday."

"Oh but what about the others? The other Guardians."

"They get their abilities when they turn eighteen but they train since they are sixteen."


"Because they don't have a holiday to defend from the Bogeyman like we have to do."

"Okay. So can we begin with teaching me to do the calling thing?"

"The proper term is Covet."

My mom points out. Which leaves me confused since I haven't really heard that word before. So I ask

"What does Covet mean?"

"It means to wish eagerly for something well in this case someone."

My face colored bright red as I realize that for Erik to be able to get me all the way to Alaska he must have been wishing pretty eagerly to be able to get me there.

Dad seems to notice my red cheeks and send me a smirk and a shake of his head. Then he says

"Okay let's begin. First you need to close your eyes."

I do as he tells me.

"Now this part might not be as hard for you since you've been there before, but imagine his house and find him there with your mind."

I begin to feel an ache on my head as I create his apartment with him sitting on the couch, where we were seating last night. I begin conjuring up his physical qualities and make it seem as if I am actually standing there with him.

"Are you there?"

I hear dad ask me but his voice sounds farther away. I nod at him But the pain in my head intensifies. I try to ignore the pain as I continue to do as dad tells me.

"Now walk towards him and place your hand in his shoulder."

I do that and feel myself become dizzy. As I place my hand on his shoulder he looks up at me and we his eyes widen when he notices me in the room with him just before I hear my mother's voice calling my name and someone shaking my body.

I open my eyes and take a deep breath as I do. I notice my mom has tears in her eyes and dad looks shocked.

"What happened?"

I ask them.

"You are bleeding honey. It was too much pressure on your body. You are just beginning to learn to Shadow-walk. It's too soon and it's already taking a toll on your body."

"He saw me there."

I breath out.

Mom stops talking and just looks at me before saying

"What do you mean he saw you? You were just Coveting him not shadow walking. You were here. It's impossible."

"Mom, I'm telling you . When I had put my hand on his shoulder he looked up at me and his eyes widened and just as he was about to tell me something I opened my eyes."

They look at each other and dad opens his mouth to speak just when the door-bell rings.

"I'll get it."

I tell them as I wobbly get up from the couch I was laying on and walk to the front door while wiping under my nose which I then notice was bleeding. I get to the door and while covering my nose I open the door. Only to find Erik on the other side with a worried look on his handsome face.

"Oh thank God, Corina are you alright?"

He asks me while hugging me tight. I nod against his chest since if I spoke it would sound too squeaky because of me holding my nose. When he pulls away and sees the state of my now bloody hand and the patch of blood now on his shirt he seems to realize that my nose was bleeding. How he didn't notice that when I opened the door is beyond me.

"What happened to your nose? Are you alright?"

He hurriedly asks me.

"I'm fine. Just a little nose bleed."

I tell him

"How did you get a nose bleed?"

He asks.

"How did you get here?"

I ask back.

"I asked first!"

He triumphantly tells me which makes me roll my eyes at him and then answer his question.

"I tried to Covet to you."

I tell him with a wince.

"Are you kidding me? Corina that takes at least months before mastering. You just got your powers. This could have seriously hurt you if you hadn't stopped when you did.'

With the way he is talking to me I can see that that worried him. Even If I'm not completely sure why. I mean sure I am his partner but why is he so worried?

"I'm sorry. I didn't think of the consequences I just had to speak with you."

"About what?"

"Clarissa. She was here and she left me a message on the mirror while I was showering."

"Did she do anything to you? Did she hurt you?"

"No just write the message."

"And what did the massage say?"

"It said 'I found you'."

"That's why you wanted to call for me."

I nod.

"How did you do that?"

He asks me.

"Do what?"

I look at him confused.

"You Shadow-walked to my house, but at the same time it was like a reflection of you and not really you. How did you do that?"

"I have no idea. I was trying to do a Covet and it felt as if I was actually there and then when I touched you, did you feel it?"

"Yeah I did. That's what worried me. No one can do that. Be at two places at once."

"Is that why you came here?"


"Whats the other part of your reason?"

"I was worried about you. You looked frightened when I looked at you and then you just disappeared. I had no idea what happened to you. So I shadow-Walked to your door. I hope that's ok?"

"It's fine. Thank you for caring about me."

After a minute of Erik and I just awkwardly staring at each other I hear mom say

"Who is at the door Cori?"

I snap out of it and sheepishly smile at him before inviting him in.

"It's Erik mom."

"Erik Frost?"

"Yes mom."

I answer her. And in a matter of seconds she appears in front of us and just stares at him. Then dad walks in behind her and says

"So you must be the famous Erik we have been hearing about."

Erik nods at my father's question and extends a hand forward in greeting

"Yes, I guess I am sir. Though I'm not sure about the famous part."

"Well trust me son, your pretty famous around here."

Dad shakes his hand and they exchange a nod of acceptance. Yet mom has still not moved

"Mom are you ok?"

Still nothing. I step closer to her and place a hand on her shoulder, which seemed to snap her out of whatever that was.

"Don't you dare take my daughter away from me!"

She threatens Erik while pointing a finger in his direction. My eyes widen and I hold on to her.

"Mom, what are you going on about? No one is taking me away."

"He will."

"Mom calm down ok. You told me yourself that he is my partner so why so much hostility?"

"I lied."

I stare at her confused and retreat my hands from holding her down then ask

"What did you lie about?"

"He isn't just your partner."

She answers while looking away from me.

"What do you mean he is not just my partner? What is he then?Why did you lie to me?"

"Remember when I asked you if your parents told you about who I am to you?"

Erik asks me and I nod at him. So he continues

"And then when you said we were partners, and I said..."

"That that was one way to put it."

I finish his sentence and then I ask him

"So then if you aren't my partner. Then what are you?"

"Well technically I am your partner. Just not in the sense that you think it is."

"Just stop beating it around the bush! Tell me straight up who you are."

"I'm your mate. I'm your soul mate."

I stare at them all just waiting for one of them to scream out Psych! Then laugh. But that did not happen.

"Soul mate? What is this? Are we in a book or something? Are we werewolves now?"

I ask them exasperated. They ignore my questions. Great that's just great!

"Corina, all Guardians have a soul mate who they fight with against the Descendants. Your mother and I are soul mates."

Dad tells me.

"Is this what you meant mom? When you said I was too young? I was to young to find my soul mate."

She nods and says

"We all get our mates when we are eighteen, whether you are from the Original Protectors or the Protectors. But you found yours at sixteen and we don't know why."

"Why didn't you just tell me?"

I ask them with a betrayed tone before shaking my head and running towards my room. Where I lie down in my bed and just stare at the ceiling thinking. I hear a knock on my door before it's opened. I look towards the door and see Erik's head pop in from the side with makes him look like a little kid. I chuckle a little and he asks

"Can I come in?"

I nod at him. And he walks in.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you."

He says and I shrug at him before saying

"It's fine I guess. I'm just confused."

I pat the space next to me. Inviting him to sit there.

"About what?"

He gently asks me while he sits down next to me.

"Why none you told me this before. Because soul mates are kind of a big deal, are they not?"

"Yes, they are a big deal. And I didn't tell you because I thought that if your parents didn't tell you they must have had their reasons. I also didn't want to scare you away, by openly telling you we are soul mates you'd think I'm crazy."

I sigh and nod. At least being mate explains why I felt the way I do around him. So I tell him

"Maybe they do. I just can't believe they kept this from me. And I'd only think you were a little crazy."

"That's good to know. But your parent's they are just scared to lose you."

I look at him as he said this.

"Why would they lose me?"

"Because usually when a Guardian finds their mate they move in together and begin a life. That's why your parents had you when they were so young and why she didn't tell you.They aren't ready to lose you yet they thought they had two more years."

"We have to move in together?"

I ask him nervously. He notices my nerves and smiles at me before taking my hand in his and saying

"Yes, but not until you are ready. That can wait. I see how close you are to your parents and I would hate to have to separate that."

I smile at him and place a kiss on his cheek then say

"Thank you."

He smiles back at me and kisses my temple.

"If you knew I was your mate why didn't you help me against that man and Clarissa?"

I ask him with a raised eyebrow.

"You had to learn to fight your own battles and if I noticed one of them was going to seriously hurt you, trust me I would have interfered. But you know how to handle yourself quite nicely."

I nod at him then smirk. Which makes him raise an eyebrow.

"What's that look for?"

He asks me and I say

"So you think I can kick ass?"

He breaks out laughing but still manages to nod at me, which makes a proud smile to grace my face. After his laughter stops he gets up from the bed and holds a hand out for me and says

"Come on. Your parents are probably worried sick about you."

I nod and place my hand in his. Which he intertwines with his once I'm standing.

"You know, you are not at all how I expected you to be like."

I tell him as we exit my room and head over to the living room.

"What do you mean? What did you expect me to be like?"

He asks me

"I don't know. It's just the way you acted during my shadow walking I sort of expected you to be sort of a jerk."

He raises a brow and asks

"A jerk?"

I sheepishly nod and say

"Yeah. I mean you never spoke and then when you did it as just to tell me to go fight. Sorry for judging you."

He gives my hand that is in his a squeeze then says

"It's fine. You aren't how I expected you to be like either."

Now it's my turn to raise an eyebrow.

"Why? Disappointed?"

I teasingly ask him but the truth is that it hurt when he said that.

"No not at all. Just surprised. Don't know what I did to deserve someone as amazing as you."

I blush at his answer and then smile at him and say

"You must have pissed off the right people."

He throws his head back laughing then says

"I must have."

Then he places a kiss on my head. And we enter the living room where mom and dad are sitting in the couch talking to each other. As they hear us approach they both raise their head to look at us. Dad smiles at us while mom is staring at our intertwined hands with tears rolling down her face.

"So when are you moving out?"

Mom asks with a defeated tone.

"Not for a long while ma'am."

Erik answers her. And she finally looks up at us and smiles for the first time at Erik. Then she gets up and hugs him.

"Thank you for not taking my baby away from us."

She tells him as they break from the hug. He smiles at her and says

"I'd hate to break up such a happy family and we are still young and have the rest of our lives to be together, so why rush?"

She smiles at him then says

"Since I know from Corina that you live in Alaska and I also know how hard it is to be away from your mate. I don't mind if you stay with us. Only if you want to of course."

"Thank you. And I might just take you up on that offer."

Mom nods at him then walks towards dad, who says

"I don't mind you staying kid. I like you but if you hurt my little girl, I won't hold back my warrior from attacking you. And let's keep in mind that my warrior side is one of the strongest and fearless in the nation."

Erik gulps and nods his head saying

"Duly noted, Sir. And I would beat myself up if I ever hurt her as well."

"Also if you are in a bedroom together, keep the door open."

I blush at what mom said


"Just making sure you understand."

"We do!"

She smirks at me and I roll my eyes at her. Before saying

"I'm going to go to bed it's been a long day."

They nod at me and I pull Erik with me while saying

"Come on Erik I'll take you to the guestroom."

Erik let's me pull him to the room. And when we reach the door I hesitantly let go of his surprisingly warm hands. Surprising because he is a Frost and apparently their skin is always cold.

"Well, goodnight."

I turn around after saying that and begin to walk towards my room which is just beside his. When I feel his strong arms wrap around my waist and turn me around to face him before bringing me in for a hug. Then placing a kiss on my temple before saying


Shadow Walking. I am learning how to control it. During all last week Erik was been teaching me how to control this ability. And apparently other abilities I never even though possible for me to do. All of which are centered around our season which is Christmas. We have the ability to control snow and all that is related to snow, like water, ice, wind and earth. There is also the ability to walk through walls. Which is the only power that only the Claus's possess. Since that power is the one Santa or as I recently learned prefers to be called Noel, uses to bring the children their gifts. Another thing I recently learned it's that Guardians have ability to talk to each other mentally. Which explains all of the conversations mom and dad had while only looking to each other without opening their mouths. Which I had always thought they had finally lost it and went crazy.

Today is the fourteenth and Erik has been staying with us for the last week. And we have been getting closer and getting to know each other. The most important thing I have learned about him is that he is extremely sweet and protective, also that he cares a lot about other people and that he spends most of his time in the orphanage near his home playing with the children there. But when I bring up his family he always closes off and changes the conversation. I just hope that one day he will trust me enough to talk freely about it but I won't push him about it.

Clarissa has still to make an appearance. White is a good thing, trust me I am not complaining one bit. Except for the extensive training Erik has been giving me. He says we have to train harder because there has not been any Descendant activity and that they are probably planning to do something big. And thus we are currently on the training room located in our basement. Which I had no idea even existed but Dad told him about it.

"Let's go Corina! Come on, look alive!"

I Just look at Erik as he says this with a blank look on my face.

"We have been at this for four hours! Give me a break!"

I tell him out of breath since I am still doing laps around the room.

"Fine five minutes."

He tells me and I just throw myself into the floor which thank God is covered in a foam mat and didn't hurt. I listen to his footsteps get closer to me then sit down next to where my face is currently lying flat down on the floor. He moves my hair away from the corner of my eyes so I can look at him. And that's when I notice the grin he is wearing on his handsome face. Damn him for looking so good, while I look like a cat that was just forced to take a bath except instead of water I am drenched in sweat.

"Are you okay?"

He asks me with a chuckle. I raise my head just to stick out my tongue at him then I lower it again and say

"What do you think? Jerk."

He laughs then lies down next to me with his face next to mine and then he places a kiss on my cheek.

"I'm sorry for going so hard on you. I just want you to be at your best when we go up against the Descendants. I know you are already a kick ass fighter. But I want you not only to be prepared physically but also mentally and emotionally. They tend to play mind games and if you aren't mentally tough you are a goner."

I turn my head in his direction and give him a small smile and I sit up and he does the same then I say

"I know. I'm sorry too. I'm being difficult. It's just that all of this is new to me. This is a whole new world that I never even thought existed and now I'm right in the middle of it. And I'm scared that I won't be able to beat them when I go face to face against them."

He places me between his legs with my back against his chest and hugs me from behind then places his head on my shoulder and leaves it there while he speaks

"I know the change is hard. But things get easier with time. I also know that you are a tough girl and no one can break you down not even the Descendants. And I am also scared. I'm scared of many things. But the one I'm most afraid of is losing you. So I want both of us to be at our best when we go up against them. That's why I've been so hard on you during training. But you are going great so I think we should now work on your powers. What do you think?"

I turn my face towards his with a giant grin on my face and nod enthusiastically. He chuckles and gets up then offers me his hand to help me up.

"Okay, first thing first controlling snow and anything related to it. See that cup of water over there?"

I look towards where he is pointing and see the cup on a table on the other side of the room. So I nod at him.

"Bring it over."

I raise my eyebrow at him and roll my eyes before walking over there but his hand stops me.

"With your mind."

I just stare at him and ask

"How do I do that?"

"Put your hand out and just focus on the water not the cup. Picture it moving. imagine it traveling from that side of the room into your hands."

"Okay I can do this."

I blow out a breath and begin to concentrate on the water. I put my hand out just like he instructed and point it towards the cup. The cup begins to shake and I smile when the cup move a bit closer to us.

"Ok now make sure you don't drop it. Just focus."

I move my hand a little towards me and the cup follows the movement now being only a couple of feet away from us. So I move my arm towards my body and the cup follows. When the cup is only a foot away from me I extend my other arm and pick it up.

"I did it!"

I laugh and turn to Erik only to find him looking admirably at me with a smile on his face and says

"Great job. Now let's try the other powers."

So apparently I'm a natural with the powers. At least that is what Dad and Erik tell me. I just think that since I was a kid I always loved nature and spent most of my time outside that it helped me make a sort of connection with the elements that I can now control. I especially loved playing in the snow. Which now makes sense since my power is based on snow and winter.

Anyway now it's only two days before Christmas eve and there was been absolutely no spotting's of Descendant's. And this has all of the guardians of this season worried. And thus they have been all training together all of the Frost's Families and Claus's families and also the Guardians of each day of the month. I have yet to meet Erik's family though and He has been avoiding his family embers as well. Which has me worried. So now I am looking for him so we can talk about what is going on with him.

I go into his room after knocking. And find him lying on his bed playing with a snowflake on his hand. I sit down on the bed next to him and ask

"Can we please talk?"


He stops playing with the snowflake and turns to me.

"What's wrong?"

He asks me.

"I think it should be me asking that question. Don't you think?"

I tell/ask him.

"What are you talking about, Cori?"

I sigh and say

"I'm talking about you avoiding all the Frost's and the fact that you never talk to me about your family like at all."

He gets the same closed off look in his face that he always gets when I mention them. So I point it out.

"See. You always get that look when I even mention them to you. Why don't you talk to me? Do you not trust me? Sorry if I am sounding whinny but I think I deserve answers. Don't you?"

Now it's his turn to sigh.

"Look, Corina. I'm sorry ok? It's not that I don't trust you, because I trust you with my life. And I do believe you deserve answers it's just that I am afraid you'd look at me differently if you knew."

"If I knew what?"

"If you knew that I am an Orphan."

I stare at him speechless. Still comprehending what he just said. It all adds up. The way he has this longing look in his eyes whenever we are with my parents or when my parents treated him like he was their son.

"See this is what I didn't what from you. Now you are going to treat me differently."

I snap out of my shock and shake my head at his statement.

"It's not that. It's just that I never expected that answer. Maybe that they lived far away but not that you are an orphan. I'm sorry."

"I don't want pity! Especially not from you."

"I'm not saying it out of pity. I am genuinely sorry for forcing it out of you. I didn't what to make you relive those memories."

"It's fine."

"No it's not. I should have waited until you were ready to tell me."

"Corina, I'm glad I told you, ok? I wanted to, trust me. I wanted to tell you when you first asked but didn't want you to act differently around me."

"And I will not"


"But do you want to talk about it?"

I ask him. And he shrugs.

"I don't mind. And I'm sure you want to know the whole story."

I sheepishly nod at him. He chuckles and lays down on the bed pulling me down next to him.

"I lived with my family until I was five years old. We were a happy family. One that always ate dinner together. Where the dad would play football with his son and the mother would fuss about anything. Everything was perfect."

I smile imagining a little Erik playing football with his father.

"Then what happened?"

I ask him

"They were killed two days after my sixth birthday."

My eyes water at the information and at the small crack in his voice as he said that. That must have been horrible. Losing your parents so young. I intertwine our hands and give his hand a little squeeze. He raises our hand and places a kiss on my palm then he rests them on his chest as he continues to speak.

"They were murdered by a couple of Descendants. My parents where to busy keeping me safe that they didn't see them coming. The men were to preoccupied trying to kill my parents that they didn't even notice me."

We spent the whole night talking all about our families and out future after that. And we fell asleep next to each other. Which I'll admit was the best sleep I've had since this whole thing with the Descendants and with powers began. When we woke up the next day we went to train with all the other guardians.

Today is Christmas eve and we don't know when or if the Descendants will attack. But we all have our guards up and our warrior side accessible. Currently I'm sitting on the couch with Erik talking about techniques we could use when we our out there. Romantic right?

"What if we surround them and freeze them?"

I ask Erik with a hopeful look. He chuckles and places a kiss on my temple

"Not that easy sweetheart."

"Ugh! I only have meet two of them and I already hate them all."

"They are evil. It's in your blood to hate evil."

I sigh and place my head in his chest and he wraps his arms around me. Then I say in a defeated tone

"I just want this to be over with."

"I know. Me too."

Oh have I not mentioned it? Erik asked me to be his girlfriend officially that night. We haven't kissed or anything. Because we are waiting to do that in our first date after all this mess goes away. But we have been acting more couple-y.

After hours of waiting right when the clock stoke midnight the first Descendant was spotted. We all got up from where we were sitting and ran to where the man was found. Once we got there we were met with at least two hundred Descendants. The good news is that we are evened out.

Erik takes my hand and pulls me to him then places his hands on my cheeks so that I was looking at him.

"Be careful. Remember your training and don't get distracted. And stay close."

I nod at him then get on my tip toes and give him a peck on his lips. Screw waiting for our date. This kiss even if it was just a small peck of the lips, was amazing and gave from what I could see and feel, Goosebumps. Then I do the same thing he did to me and make him look into my eyes. I smile at him then I say

"The same things apply to you. Be careful especially if you want more kisses like that or even better ones. We will survive this."

He nods then gives me a kiss this one lasting longer than the first. Then he says

"God I wanted to do that since I first saw you."

I smile at him then we both turn our focus back on the problem at hand. I look to the Descendants and spot a redhead glaring at me. Well hello to you too Clarissa. I wave at her and she bares her teeth at me. Well ok then. I guess I know who wants to fight me.

When dad gives the signal all Guardians run forwards and into the Descendant crowd all with their weapons held high and their targets set. Mine being Clarissa and Erik's being the man I fought with on my first shadow walking. Who I found out from Erik is one of the men that killed his parents.

Once I am near Clarissa she immediately goes in for a punch to the face, which I thankfully dodged. I swing my knife at her cheek and was able to give her a cut similar to the scratch she had given me. She screams at me. And all I say is

"Hurts like a b*tch doesn't it?"

She hurls a knife at me and it rubbed against my arm leaving a gash on its path. I suck in a breath at the stinging sensation.

"Hurts like a b*tch doesn't it?"

She mocks me and walks closer to me and we circle each-other. I make the first move and throw a kick in her side. She stumbles but regains her balance and punches me on the face. I shake the dizziness from my head and push her away from me.

"Nice boyfriend you got there. Such a shame isn't it? Poor thing. An orphan."

She says with a mocking voice then laughs. B*tch! I use my water magic to control the water in her body. And I make her begin to choke on her own saliva.

"Don't you ever talk about him that way!"

I stop choking her. And she gasps trying to regain her breath. Then she keeps speaking. Does she ever learn?

"You know it was me and my brother, who your boyfriend is fighting with that killed them. Watching them scream in pain as we tortured them for a while before we tore their heads off. And all in front of their little boy."

She mockingly pouts at the end. But at this point my rage is way to high to control at the moment. I do a fly kick to her face making her lose her balance and fall. And I waste no time in jumping on her and plunging my dagger into her heart this time saying the ritual to be rid of her for good.

After two hours, three dead and twenty injured we won the battle. And this years Christmas is saved for children everywhere.

Today is new years and we can finally relax. Until next Christmas that is. Apparently a war between the Descendants and the guardians of Christmas happens every year on Christmas. So during the year we have to train. And hopefully one day we will take down mister Bogeyman himself. But enough about all of the serious and boring stuff. We have all year to think about that. Let's concentrate on the present. Which is amazing by the way. And why, you may ask is amazing? Well that is because Erik and I are on our first date. We waited until now because we both were injured and wanted to be painless when we went on our first date.

We are in his home in Alaska where he made dinner and decorated the whole living room with twinkling lights all over the walls, a white table clothed table in the center of the room, with a bouquet of roses in the center. Also classical music in the background.

"Wow. You really went all out on this didn't you."

I tell him with a smile.

"You deserve all of this and more."

I give him a kiss on the cheek and say

"Thank you. Not just for this, but for everything."

"It is my pleasure."

We smile at each other and he pulls out a seat for me. I sit on it and he pushes it a little closer to the table then he sits down on his seat.

"Well I hope you enjoy your meal. We are having pizza on this lovely evening. Hope you like it."

I chuckle as he pulls the silver cover from the plate and there lies a pepperoni pizza.

" I love it. It is perfect. Everything is perfect."

We spent the whole time talking and planning out our future. We decided that we would stay with my parents till I am at least eighteen. Then we would move here and then when we are ready we would have two kids. And name them after our parents. Also maybe a dog.

Now we are just sway to the music. My head is resting on his chest while his is resting on my head. He places a kiss there and then dips me. I laugh while he raises me then I say

"Nice moves."

"Why thank you m'lady."

I shake my head chuckling

"You are such a dork."

"You forgot adorable and completely kissable"

"Right you are a adorable and completely kissable dork. And mine."

I tell him. Then give him a kiss.

"So after everything that has happened this month. What do you think?"

"What do I think?"

He nods with a smile and says

"Yes what do you think about the month now?"

"Well I think I found out about What Really Happens On Christmas."


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