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Hello. I'm @DaBolo, I dream of becoming a novelist. I am currently writing my first novel. I mostly write poems on here, just because long posts tend to scare people away. Write The World is amazing, shoutout to @Tushar Mandhan for being kind to all.

Message to Readers

I'm sorry if this sound harsh. I just really needed to say this, this message had a bit of me, a bit of my brother, and bit of glory mixed into it. Please spread this message as it is a very important message. If everyone knew this, the world would change in a flash.

One reason why I write is because I really want to change the world through my words. A simple word can alter an entire generation, so don't take your voice and words lightly. I truly hope to grow up in a world were life is practically paradise. I sure know a lot about the world as a young fellow, and you should too.

Your Voice Is Valuable- Please spread this message, it needs to be heard

September 26, 2019


Have you ever dreamed that the world would change for the better? That we would be at peace, women would have more rights, and the youth would be educated? Perhaps climate change was no longer a problem to worry about?

You probably have, no, you have dreamed for change. Well stop dreaming, because no one ever accomplished something by dreaming it. People have accomplished things by working for change. People have accomplished things by sharing their opinions with the power of their voice. Don't think you voice is to quiet, don't think no one will listen to you, because everyone great thought that too. Until one day they got up, and changed their dreams to goals. With the power of their voice, their message, and their supporters.


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  • Harlow

    Damn. This is powerful.

    6 months ago