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The Guardian of Life

May 3, 2016

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Long ago, there were many guardians. They were the first human-like creatures in the world. Sorcerists were descended from them. Descended from the sorcerists were humans.

Sorcerists had magical abilities. Of course, those abilities were nothing compared to the guardian's. They could also live forever if they weren't slain. They had a strong connection to the stars. They even learned how to read them on their own!

Humans were obviously mortal. They could not live forever. For the most part, they did not have magical abilities. The only magical abilities they had were to see into the future. A ratio of how rare it was to have that ability was that only 1 out of 600 had the ability.

The guardians helped protect the world they lived in. It was what they lived for, and unless they were slain, they would live forever. They had magical abilities. Each guardian was given something to protect. Some was to protect a forest. Others, it was a specific animal or group. The most respected group of guardians was the Guardians of Life. They would work together to protect life, but, that eventually changed.

900,000,000 years after one of the Guardians of Life was born, he and the other guardians was betrayed by one of their beloved friends. A human girl that for some strange reason had the ability to manipulate fire. They all had trusted her so much that they even shared some of their secret information. She was with that one Guardian of Life. His name is Alan. They were talking about the events of the day. She said that she had to leave to give one of the Guardians of the Forest a healing herb she thought would be useful to her. What she really did, though, was go to the city of the guardians. The city contained almost all of the guardians. Only 5 guardians(including Alan) did not live there.

In the city, she started a small fire. When others noticed it, she said it went out of control again. Then the flame would gradually get bigger and bigger. Some of the guardians tried to put it out, but they couldn't. The human girl didn't allow it. That was when they knew that she had betrayed them. They tried to force her to put it out. She wouldn't. She then used her magic on them. Not long after that, the whole city was burning and everyone in the city, except her, was dead.

100,000 years had passed since then. Alan was the last Guardian of Life. There were 4 other guardians, but they only had more minor roles as guardians. One was the Guardian of Forests. Another was the Guardian of Wild Life. The 3rd was the Guardian of the Sea. The 4th was the Guardian of the Mountains. The human girl that had betrayed them became the queen of the humans 3 years after the betrayal. She had many descendants, but she surprisingly didn't tell anyone the secrets of the guardians that she learned. They were thankful for that, but they would never forgive her for what she did. 

Chapter 1

Alan was walking around in a forest. It was a beautiful day out. The sun was shining, the tallest trees were slightly swaying in the wind, the birds were singing their many different songs and the animals were in peace with one another(including predators and their prey. There was a small truce going on). Right when he was about to go home, something disrupted the peace. It was a fire, along with many loud, destructive noises. He now knew just how bad the war between the sorcerists and the humans was.

Lately the humans and sorcerists hadn't been getting along. It had been like that for 2,000 years. 30 years ago, a war had started between them. The reason why they truly hated each other had been long forgotten. The 5 remaining guardians had of course tried to find out the reason before it was forgotten, but they failed. The humans and sorcerists really had no good reason to go to war or even to hate each other anymore. What they were doing was basically a much larger version of a silly family feud that had gone too far.
This is just an idea I have right now. I'm trying something out right now to see how I will write it later on. Please write a review so I can improve it even better!


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