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0.0.ii. /pocket of stars/

September 25, 2019


    traffic lights blush like incandescent fireflies in the reflectant glass of a rear view mirror, illuminated by a bewitched sculpture of a sunset laced with the pinks and blues of chapped coral. the stench of burning rubber fills the air and burns nose hairs.
    sweaty palms and bouncing legs, a scene straight from the veil of a polaroid with crinkled film and a destination set for a wrinkle in time. a car with broken wheels slows and stutters on a gravel road, one that wanders in a broken delicate sphere. the hinges of a car door creak when it opens, the springs compressing. rocks find themselves stuck in the grains of a sole. pupils covered by the mask of blindness, milky constellations swirl and spin patterns out of chaos.
     swaths of shadows wrap their spindly fingers around the fragile cusp of black jeans with tears from children's tricks. a mass of soft green stalks lie in wait of dirt caked boots, building a forest to cover the strands of auburn hair.

                            yellow petals surround bushels of dark roasted sunflower seeds that sit atop a painted throne. rose tinted cheeks and cold feet approach a hole in space; silk touched features; a fallen nebula. a lost boy in a field of starry silhouettes hide calloused work hardened hands that cup a deadened valley.
                                                                                                               “found it.”
Was given the prompt, "Someone in search of something fantastical."


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  • Anha

    september highlights have gone live!

    about 1 year ago
  • Anha

    chilling and surreal. welcome to wtw!

    about 1 year ago