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This is for and-peggy's contest. Inspired by prompt #2, "Perspective".

The Famed and the Forgotten #HomoSapiensStory

September 26, 2019




Waking up that morning, I stretched my back, preparing for another day on the road. No one ever knew what we would face on our strange adventure, but one thing was for sure- I was going to be ready for it. 

About six months ago, I had joined a very important mission and wasn't anywhere close to regretting it. When Prince Rolf had announced that he was going on a quest to discover who had killed his beloved father, there was no question about it. I would be coming. After all, the little group of aspirant amateurs that were tagging along certainly needed someone like me in the group. Someone who knew what she was doing. 

The other members of my party were laughable, at best. Of course, there was Rolf, who wasn't too smart but very brave, which sometimes got him in trouble. His best friend, Kolby, was completely the opposite- great at planning battles but horrible at actually fighting in them. Kolby's cousin Grace was the best of the lot. Only thirteen years old, she could be a bit annoying, with her perpetual optimism and constant cheeriness. But when it came down to it, she had a lot more bravery in her petite form than I'd originally expected. 

Rolf's sister was the worst. I groaned at the mere thought of her. July was pessimistic, sarcastic, and way too cautious. Every second of the day, she was trying to protect Grace, even when we weren't in even the most remote of danger. Sure, she had gone along on the mission for that sole purpose, but Grace wasn't a child. She could usually handle herself, and even when she couldn't, I was there to save her. Besides, there was also the fact that she hated me. July had always been suspicious of me, for reasons I couldn't be certain of. So, I'd decided to return the favor, never trusting her with any of the most important tasks. 

"Today, we're off to Eglia," Kolby announced, looking at our map. "A small city known for its friendly people and delicious apple pies. But first, we have to cross Juniper Grove, known for, well, junipers. Doesn't seem too hard." He folded up the map and stuck it in his back pocket. 

"Juniper Grove?" July suddenly spoke up from her place in the back of the group. "Nuh-uh. We're not going through there." 

"Why not?" Kolby asked, seeming genuinely confused. "It's the quickest way to Eglia. If we skip it, we'll have to go around, which could add a day to our journey." 

"I guess that's what we'll have to do then," July replied, throwing her hands up. "That grove is full of wild animals. Grace could get hurt." 

"If we do run into any creatures," I came in, looking down on July from our height difference of nearly six inches, "I will be there to protect her. And you." 

"I can handle myself," July contradicted. "And since when have you been the one in charge of protecting Grace? We'd better not risk it." 

We both looked out at the group, asking without words which side they were all taking. 

"I'm with Myrina." Kolby immediately answered. "We don't have that kind of time." 

"Me too," Rolf agreed only a few seconds later. 

"I hate to say it," Grace began, looking sheepishly at July, "But I'm going with Myrina too." 

I smiled, trying to ignore the daggers July was shooting me from her eyes. "Great. You've made the right decision. Now, let's be off." 

We all began walking, enjoying the warm breeze and beautiful clouds in the sky. July held back, her arms crossed as she watched us all go directly towards the Grove. Finally, she rolled her eyes and followed, muttering something under her breath. 

We'd only been in the Grove for a couple of hours and were nearly halfway through when I began to hear a noise coming from behind. 

July heard it too. "What's that?" she asked, gripping the hilt of her sword. 

Suddenly, before I could blink, a huge creature jumped out of the bushes, snarling and growling at us, teeth bared. Grace and Kolby both screamed. I heard the sound of metal against metal and saw July to my right, holding her sword out in defense. 

"Stay back, Grace," she shouted. "I'll handle it." 

Right before that poor child killed herself fighting a beast way beyond her capabilities, I stepped in. 

"This is no creature for children to attack," I gently explained, pushing her out of the way. July glared at me and began to move forward, completely disregarding my advice, but I was too quick for her. I drew my sword as well, and with one smooth motion, hacked off the beast's head. 

Everyone began to cheer as they surrounded me, congratulating me on yet another victory. That is, everyone except July. She was standing about ten feet away, her back turned to the group. 

Let her act like a child, I thought. It's her loss, not mine. 

Once again, I was the hero. ‚Äč



When I woke up that morning, I immediately knew something was wrong. How I knew, I can't explain, exactly, but that nagging feeling that something was very wrong kept pricking at me like an annoying thistle stuck in my clothes. 

I'd always had a sixth sense to know when something was amiss. It caused a sort of uneasy, antsy feeling, deep inside my bones. Ever since I was little, I'd had a knack for knowing when things were wrong. That's why I'd volunteered to come on this mission in the first place. Grace was young, and I knew I could protect her- not only with my gift but also with all of the sword training I'd done over the years.

So, when Colby announced that we were heading through Juniper Grove, a swarm of butterflies immediately began flying around in my stomach. Immediately, I knew that this was the cause of my earlier uneasiness. Juniper Grove was chock-full of some of the deadliest, most noxious creatures known to men. They could sneak up behind you as quietly as a cat, and you'd be dead before you even felt the pain of their bites. 

Trying to save the group from certain danger, I immediately countered Colby's plan, saying that we could go around the grove. But, as suddenly and painful as a punch in the stomach, everybody immediately disowned my idea- stirred up by Myrina, of course. Out of all the people I'd met in my life, she was the most arrogant, cocky, condescending one I'd ever known, and ever would know, too. Ever since she'd come along on our quest, my sixth sense had acted up, warning me that she was dangerous. So, I'd kept my eye on her. But she seemed to think I was little more than a girl, not even trusting me with the simplest of tasks. 

Protecting Grace was my job, my duty. But Myrina took that away from me, too, by always stealing my thunder and drowning my voice out with her loud, opinionated one. Without that job, well, I didn't quite know who I was supposed to be or what I was supposed to do. 

There was no choice but to go with everybody else, though I felt uneasy the entire time we were in the grove. That fear was only confirmed when one of the very beasts I'd warned everybody about jumped out of the bushes right at us. 

Even though my blood was boiling with the fact that I'd been right, I still knew I needed to protect Grace. It was my duty. Drawing my sword, I prepared to hack off the beast's head, just the way my father had shown me. Adrenaline coursed through my body as I got ready for my first heroic moment ever since Myrina had joined us. 

Famous last words. Myrina herself stepped in, right in the way of my sword. If I hadn't noticed her in time, I would have hit her, but, luckily I stopped the swinging of my arm just in time. My heart raced. Whether it was with anger, frustration or both, I couldn't tell. 

"This is no creature for children to attack," Myrina sneered, twisting my arm as she pushed me out of the way. Pain coursed through my body, nearly doubling me over. But I stood tall. I had to remain strong. Myrina had thrown me in the shadows too many times. Now was my chance to fight back. I stepped forward, switching my sword to my good arm and preparing to have my moment in the sun.

I was too late. Everyone was already congratulating her on the slaying of the beast- the beast that was mine to fight.

"We'd be lost without you, Myrina!" 

"What would we do if you hadn't come along?"

"You're like my guardian angel!" 

That one was Grace. 

I blinked back a few hot tears as the group continued saluting her. My heart ached with frustration. I was sick and tired of waiting for my chance to shine. Every time it came, she stole it from me. 

She thinks I'm a child, I thought. A few tears began to fall down my face, and I turned my back to the group. The last thing I wanted was for them to see me vulnerable. A mere child. That's all I am. 

And maybe that was all that I was. At the very least, it was what she'd turned me into. 

Once again, she was the hero. 

And I was left waiting. 
For prompt #2, "Perspective". 


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  • Artburger

    Wow... I love this. The second perspective makes this story so different and I love the character you chose and how you portrayed her.

    12 months ago
  • WitchyKittyKat

    Aww, this is great! It's writing like this that makes you realize that there are no real heroes and there are no villains. Thanks so much for entering, and good luck in the contest!

    12 months ago