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I love to sing, draw, play an instrument, read and write. I mostly love to read and write fantasy stories. I rarely write poetry on purpose though. I hope you like my stories, the stories of everyone else on here and stories not on this website!

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Story Time

May 1, 2016

PROMPT: All Talk

"Grandpa? Will you play with me? I've got nothing to do right now, and I know that you can come up with something fun!"

"Alright, Esben. Instead of playing, how about I tell you a story?"

"Ok. What will it be about, Grandpa?"

"Would you like me to tell you the story of a 17 year old boy that saved his king's life?"

"Ooh! That's sounds interesting! How does he save the king?!"

"Be patient my boy. I will only tell the story when you are ready."

"Ok Grandpa."

"Well, long ago, there was a young boy named Alan. As you already know, he was 17 years old. He had shaggy, red hair. His eyes were as blue as the sky in the day. He had a dream of becoming one of the king's personal guards. The king was very beloved in his kingdom. Anyone would give up their lives to protect him. Because of this, he held a tournament every year that a new bodyguard was needed. The winner would get to become one of his personal guards. So far, the tournament was only held 10 times."

"Is the tournament being held? Does Alan become one of his personal guards?!"

"Be patient please."

"Sorry Grandpa."

"Alan was walking around the market when an assassin shot an arrow directed at the king. One of the guards got in the way of the arrow, and he was injured instead of the king. The arrow made it so that he could no longer be able to defend the king as one of his personal guards."

"That must suck for the guard."

"I'm sure it did, Esben. Well, the assassin fled right after he shot the arrow. It would not be the last time they saw him, though."

"So Alan saves the king from one of his arrows?"

"Not exactly, but you're right that he saves the king from that assassin."

"Cool! Please continue!!"

"Alright. 2 months had passed, and the tournament was being held. Alan had entered the tournament. He got all the way to the finals. He saw something be didn't expect. The day he saw the assassin, he saw purple eyes. Purple eyes belong only to those that are in the assassin guild. If someone joins the guild, their eyes turn purple. If someone leaves the guild, their eyes will no longer be purple. At the tournament, he saw those same eyes. That was when he knew that the king's life was in grave danger. They were signaled to fight."

"Does Alan win?! Please tell me he does!"

"I'm afraid that he lost, Esben. Alan lost the fight."

"Oh no!!!!"

"Agreed. The king was in even more danger than before. Alan knew that he didn't have much time. The next day, he tried to warn the soldiers. They did not believe him. A few hours after he warned the guards, he heard something. He heard the assassin talking to himself. He said that he was going to poison the king with an incurable poison that night. He also said he was going to do it exactly at midnight."

"That's so cruel!"

"I would agree with that opinion, but there are some wicked people like that assassin that would not. Anyways, Alan was determined to stop the assassin. He went straight home. At his home, he grabbed 2 daggers, one knife, a bow with arrows and a short sword. He made sure that he wore dark clothing. Then, he headed to the castle."

"Did he jump over the wall?"

"Actually, yes, he did. It wasn't as simple as that, though. Once he reached the wall, he had to wait for the perfect time to climb the wall and jump over it without being seen. He got his chance after 5 minutes of waiting. He climbed up the wall as quickly as he could without making a sound. After making sure it was clear, he jumped over the wall."

"Cool! He's kinda like a spy, isn't he?"

"Yes. In a way he is like one. Once he landed, he saw the assassin right away. The assassin saw him too. Alan sprinted after him. The assassin sprinted towards the king's quarters. Surprisingly, Alan was the faster of the 2. Once he caught up, he tackled the assassin to the ground. He pulled out one of his daggers and held it in a threatening manner. The soldiers saw what was going on, and they hurried over to where they were."

"Finally! Those soldiers weren't doing their job very well earlier!"

"It wasn't entirely their fault, Esben. There just wasn't enough evidence to prove that Alan was right at the time."


"There just wasn't. Ok, on with the story! Once they reached where Alan and the assassin were, they pulled Alan off of the assassin. They had a bad feeling about the assassin, so they made sure he stayed in their grasp."

"Well they should have a bad feeling about him!!!"

"Hahaha, I agree. Alan explained the whole story. The soldiers were rather shocked. The assassin for some strange reason confessed to them that it was all true. The soldiers had him locked up in one of the deepest and heaviest guarded cellars in the whole castle. Alan was given an award of 20,000 pieces of gold for saving the king's life. He also became the second in command on the king's personal guards."

"I liked that story! Tell me another one!!!"

"I'll save the next story for another time. Yes, another time."


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