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Will you wait, as I did long ago?

By: CierraIsJustAName


Will you wait, as I did?
As you searched for heaven, or what you thought it was.
As you turned your backs to the kindest of words.
As I watched you break apart the cure we found, because it wasn't what you hoped. Someone could've used it.
As I watched you hate everything, like it is everything's fault.
As I held your hand to the other side, forgetting my needs.
As I watched you lock yourself in the bathroom.
As I screamed I STILL NEED YOU!
As I weeped when I waited.
As I watched hope leave me.
As I watched you walk out, convinced, for now.
As I tried to find solutions to keep you from trying to leave again.
As I watched you fall.
As I watched you cry.
As I let you hurt me.
As I watched your pain.
As I took it away.
I lay on a white bed, now.
I am healed, the equation has been solved. But now I am the one without the light.
I know his pain is gone. He finally left the dark. But that's not why I know it is gone. It'd because mine has just begun.
I will stay with you, because you would too. I remember those words, so long ago, of mine.
But in the dark, I can't find your hand.
I'm calling out.
Please answer, I think I'm going under.
I need you, I want you, I saved you. Can you save me?
Searching frantically, trying to find your hand.



This story is about a girl who gave up her sight, so someone who didn't appreciate her could have working eyes. She was there for him when he needed her, and now that she is blind, he leaves. This is about how sometimes humanity is so pbssesed with taking, they don't care about giving back.

Message to Readers

Just looking for people to review my posts. Truthful, please!

Peer Review

I was touched by the deep meaning that was displayed by this piece. At first i thought it was someone leaving their significant other but then i read on and it was in the footnotes where i understood the true meaning of this which is truthful and honest.

I don't think there is a need to deepen it but i would love to see more humanity related topics. I have tried writing on humanity and have a piece called Divided Perfection but it is no where as good as this.

Reviewer Comments

I would love to read more so please do continue writing <3