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Pride and Hazel Eyes

By: jj1325

PROMPT: Illumination

He ran down the hall, books slipping out of his hands, his dirty-blonde hair was sticking up at all ends and a proud grin adorned his face. He suddenly came to a halt and directed his hazel eyes at me, then proudly stated, "Guess what JJ! I got an O+ on my math test!" 

An O+ = 100
Also this is dedicated to my amazing little brother. 

Message to Readers

Constructive criticism and positive remarks are welcome!

Peer Review

I absolutely love the youth and happiness described.

Honestly, I don't have any questions.

Reviewer Comments

This is a very well written, very adorable piece. You use good verbs, and you capture your brother's spirit very well. I can almost picture it. Excellent work! Keep writing!