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Ciara Cagemoe

United States

A head, my head, is chock full of whimsy and half in the clouds.
When I write I pull down the thick cotton fluff from the sky and wind it into a thread of a tale.

Message from Writer

Two thousand mysteries tied together loosely by brittle twine.

Rabbit-Shaped Rock

April 30, 2016

PROMPT: Paint Swatch

Rabbit-Shaped Rock encapsulates the essence of all the tiny things that gently pull, pull, pull up the corners of lips and mouths. The things that are abundant and perfectly extraordinary in ordinary ways. It's luscious, after-the-rain-in-spring greens and blues, damp lichen and earthy, chewy tree bark. It's noticing the millipede, the caterpillar, the slug; an explosion of wonder and curiosity and deep, fresh happiness that is a breath in and breath out of dirt and sun and oxygen laced with flowery smells. An expanding chest cavity, growing wings and moving the body upwards. It's an appreciation and over bounding imagination, a head full of a thick cotton fluff that might have come from the trees but might also have fallen from the clouds. It's the unexpected that those who veritably spend their lives looking, will come to expect. 


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