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Scurrying through the Streets #nonhumancomp

September 26, 2019


When you lived my life, anything was dangerous. 

A human foot coming down in the wrong place? Instant death. A falling branch from a tree? Destruction. A bird who happens to notice you from above? Might as well start planning your funeral.  

As a city mouse, I had to be on my feet at all times. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time could cause the end of my meager little life. After all, that's what had happened to my parents. They'd accidentally got in the way of a stroller, and, well, that was it. I'd been an orphan ever since then, scavenging for food day and night. 

Today was a particularly special day. It was one of those festivals that humans seemed to get so happy about, which I translated to "people-drop-a-lot-of-food day". Although I wasn't picky, (I'd eat anything, from ice cream to corn to beef jerky), my favorite treat had always been hot dogs. At the mere thought of them, my whiskers trembled with delight and longing. I could just taste the delicious meaty taste that always reverberated through my mouth that made me nearly swoon in happiness. Licking my lips, I scurried out into the crowd, hoping to get even a taste of my favorite food. 

Throughout that morning, I ran around, eating as much as possible as quickly as I could get it. Fries that were still warm, pieces of popcorn, all sorts of food found their way into my mouth. Lunch passed by, with more people dropping food than ever before, but still, no one had dropped a hot dog. I guessed that the humans enjoyed the hot dogs as much as I did and were being especially careful. Grapes, doughnuts and even a full slice of pizza were all lost to me throughout the afternoon, but I was still lacking my beautiful hot dog. 

At the end of the day, I retreated to my burrow, feeling utterly defeated. All of that food and still, I couldn't get my favorite. My belly was so full that I probably wouldn't have been able to eat it anyway, but I could store it to have as a treat later. 

Oh, well. I thought. There's always another day. 

With those thoughts to encourage me, I fell asleep, snuggling in my cozy bed of cotton. 

My dreams were full of hot dogs. 



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  • bwaydreams <3

    Results are up!

    9 months ago
  • aceoftriangles

    Really good story, amohn04! Thanks for entering the competition!

    10 months ago