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All I want from my works is to bring a little peace to everyone's heart, and a peace of hope to those who don't have any yet. I don't want to be remembered by my name I want to be remembered by my work.

Message from Writer

My pieces are my own and if you don't agree with them then you don't have to read them, but at least tell me why you don't agree with them.
Haters may hate but I will still love all people even the annoying one's.

If Only

April 30, 2016


Only if my heart was as peaceful as my mind then, just maybe, I can find the joy and the bliss of ignorance once again. because that bliss makes you happy even if your sad, and it can make you smile even if the world is falling apart. it is that kind of bliss, that kind of happiness that we all strive for. It is only when you give up your search for that kind of happiness, that you give up on living life to it's fullest.
word's are ment to spread ideas, may my word's spread a seedling of hope


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