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Hey, I would be lying if I said I LOVE to write. I don't LOVE to write, but I enjoy writing and often find myself just writing non-since. But my writings are sadly, not very good. I was hoping that maybe some of you amazing writers will help me find my voice through writing.
I have so much to write about and I hope all my readers enjoy my work. :)

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September 24, 2019


My friend Owen asked me today what i like least about her.
I thought there were multiple things that i didn't like about her, but every time i started listing things i found that i actually ether found it weirdly hot or super funny and adorable.
I wanted to say that i didn't like her laugh. The way she snorts when she laughs, but i think it's adorable.
I wanted to say that i don't like the way she pulls food out of her pocket randomly in fourth period, but i find that hella funny.
I wanted to say that i don't like it when shes brutally honest, but i think honesty is good in a relationship.
The only thing i truly don't like is the fact that she dosnt like to show affection, but i know i can't be upset about that. I myself don't like showing my affection with certain people, mainly my family. And if i do ever hug someone its usually a one-arm hug or i pat them on the back, i just think hugging is uncomfortable and awkward most of the time.
So i know how she feels, but i just wish she wouldn't be uncomfortable with me, or scared of touching me.
I love the way she smells, as weird as it is.
I can never seem to figure out what exactly she smells like, but whatever it is it smells amazing.

im sorry if this is super creepy and weird, my girlfriend told me to publish it anyway for " help" so i can "get better".
so please help.


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  • Harlow

    doesn't need much help. I love it

    about 1 year ago