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The beginning of a twisted little red riding hood

Small Embers

April 29, 2016


I am so, very hungry. The need for nourishment is gnawing away at my insides. The thought of food is the only thing that drives me. How good a rabbit would taste in my teeth. The blood running from a deer. The chewy femur of a human. Meat. It wasn’t always like this. I used to have a pack, a family, friends. I was the omega, yet I hunted with the pack, played with the pups, and snuggled with the others at night when it was cold. I may have eaten last, but I was part of the pack. Eating. Food. As I roam, my thoughts never for long leave my next meal. Like it’ll ever come.
I sniff the cold night air and smell evergreens and rotting logs and long ago animal trails. And… something else. Something alive. I smell a faint scent of blood. I follow the scent, loping silently through the forest. (Or so I wished. At my deteriorated state I was probably too clumsy to be silent.) As the smell got stronger I heard a soft whimpering. I got close enough to hear muttering… and discovered my hunt had come to nothing. I had found game that I could not eat, even as I neared death. Wolves are not … we are not that savage. We would both die before we ate each other.
A pup. How I hate the vile creatures now. They are those who pushed me to this state. They are more valuable than I. They are young, and worth feeding. Is the time raising and training me not worth it? Am I not a good omega? But as I look at this little creature, I remember playing as a pup, and then later, caring for them, loving them. And this helpless little creature is lost. Just like me. We can be lost together. I walk up to it and whisper, “Hello child.” It, a she I see now, jumps up, and growls, trying to threaten me, “You are not of my pack.” I tell her that yes, she is correct, and I am a lone wolf, and that, quite possibly, we can help each other. I look at her and see that the hunger is mutual.
Long story short, together, we found food.
Half sated for the first time in weeks, I settle down for the night. She lies down next to me, and soon, we are asleep.
The sun rises and I hear a cacophony of birds. My wake up call. I slowly fade into consciousness and I sit up. The bright dawn light is a shock to my eyes. I squint, and see that the sun is well past risen. My belly growls, and I nudge the pup awake. She yawns, and I tell her we’re going hunting. She immediately springs up, ready for action, ears perked. I can tell that she’s still about as hungry as I am. After eating, we race down to the river and drink our fill.


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