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Hi! I'm Cierra, also known as Cece. I love writing but I am struggling to find time to finish all of my pieces. The real question is if anyone will even like my pieces enough to remember them...

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Please review my work and tell me what you think of it. Don't go easy on me, I am genuinely curious what people think of it. I plan on becoming a writer, so this is one of many steps to reach my goal!

TV Is Black AND White

December 20, 2019


    CLIFFORD: AAAAAAAAND Welcome back, to Good Morning Seattle. I'm your host, Clifford Rackson. (A man with dark, greased hair and a blazer, runs down to audience, high-fiving open hands. He runs back to his seat and stumbles gracefully into a sitting position.) Today on our schedule we our starting off with the weath-

    TINA: (Woman struts in, with big blonde hair, dark lipstick, deep dimples and a polka-dot dress.) Now wait just a minute, Clifford! (She flounces to Clifford, waving to the crowd.) I'm your favorite co-host, Tina George. Now I hate to interrupt, but I think he made a mistake today! Isn't that right, folks? (Crowd screams in agreement.) Now, what is it you forgot, Clifford?

    CLIFFORD: Well, I just don't know Tin- Oh my gosh! I can't believe it. First Monday of the month, how could I forget our monthly VIEWER CAAAAALLS. (Crowd screams joyfully.) For those of you new hear, the Monthly Viewer Calls is where our lovely assistants here (he waves his hand, and a curtain opens, revealing two long tables of more women and men with landlines in their hands) will pick up viewer's calls, and broadcast their discussion topics LIVE. You can call this number in five minutes, from two three nine, two seven... 

    (Backstage, women and men are in their dressing rooms. Women are poofing up their hair, hair-spraying them with plastic bottles. They apply their pink lipstick, blue eye shadow and rosie blush. The men comb gel into their hair, and tighten their bow ties on their black blazers.)

    TINA: ... two, one, CALL!

   (The people at the tables pick up their landlines. One young woman covers the speaker with her hand.)

    WOMAN 1: We got someone talking about riots here in Chicago!

    TINA: Well then, let's hear it!

(The woman presses a button, and the phone conversation is broadcasted on speakers.)

    CLIFFORD: Hello their viewer, may I ask your name?

JOHN: John Brown, sir.

    CLIFFORD: (Clifford has a questionable look on his face for a fraction of a second.) Well then, you will be talking about the riots in Seattle, will you?

JOHN: Yes, sir.

CLIFFORD: Well then, have at it!

JOHN: Well, there are no riots on my block. But I went near the center of town yesterday, and there were crowds of, um, you call us Negroes, don't you?

    CLIFFORD: (Silent.)

    JOHN: Well, the crowds were just holdin' up some signs and chanting, and the police was sprayin' us down with fire hoses. They sicked some dogs on us, too. I left before they took out them batons.

TINA: Well, erm, the police, good people they are, were probably feeling threatened, and protecting the other civilians- (he motions with his hand to his neck, trying to say to cut the line.)

    JOHN: -Well, truth be told, I just wanna know why we was being hurt when we were just peacefully walking along-

    CLIFFORD: -Well, John, they have their reasons for..

(The stage crew in the back our trying to stop the line.)

    MAN: We can't get in the system! I think they are taking over the broadcast!

CLIFFORD: Sir, please, I'm going to have to ask you to hang up-

TINA: -Someone PLEASE fix the technical difficulties.

JOHN: I finally got to speak out about what is happening. You do not have a reason for why they beat us peaceful humans, and I'm glad that you know that.

CLIFFORD: 'Scuse us for these issues, view-

JOHN: -Remember, TV is black AND white.

(Caller hangs up.)

This was inspired by the movie and musical, Hairspray.


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