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Constructive criticism and positive feedback is always welcome! :)

Her Little Fairy

February 15, 2017

PROMPT: Everyday Magic

    Her little girl believed in fairies. She talked about the sun fairy and the waterfall fairy; the dew drop fairy and the grass fairy; there was a fairy for every one of nature's creations -- there was even a love fairy. The girl's father had instilled the belief of mythical people into the little girl but the mother had never dared to believe in fairies until the day she danced. 
     The little girl and her mother walked down a beaten dirt path in the early morning. The dew still fresh on the grass, the sun had just risen.  
    The sun danced in the little girl's hair as she twirled and spun, and the morning dew sparkled on the grass. The little girl suddenly stopped and looked around. She looked up at the blue, blue sky, and smiled as a bird flew past. 
    The mother stopped and looked at her girl. The little one turned around and reached her hand out.
    "Come dance with me mamma."
The mother looked at her little girl. There was no music playing and she was sweaty from chasing after her daughter. The mother looked around, she was surrounded by meadow and grass, there was no one to observe her acting foolish. 
    "Let's dance my ladybug." And so they danced. They danced to the music inside the little girl's head. They laughed and spun and twirled.
    In that moment, as the mother looked at her little girl's innocent chocolate eyes, she decided that she did believe in one fairy: her little girl. 
I hope this makes you smile! It makes me! 

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