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my pain is all i know. i write to express myself. my greatest idol is NF because his music describes my life better than even i can. i want love but when i get it i have issues trusting that person due to my past. i'm described as antisocial.

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yet another old piece edited

the way you left me

January 14, 2020


when i was little i used to look to the sky
and pray to god that my mom would never die
she never did
see she's in my head and she's trapped inside
but when i couldn't see her i would cry and cry
but what i didn't know is i was trapped in the dark 
i still am
its like this car will never start
so i'll try to jump-start you out of my heart
and right into the trash right next to my yard
its a card game and i'm drawing my cards 
and making a choice
there will be no more scars
no more scars?
i must be from mars
because when i'm under these stars
i cant find my home
where i belong
must be in the clouds
far beyond these crowds 
of people who want to take me down


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  • January 14, 2020 - 11:03am (Now Viewing)

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