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Butter Chicken

By: Julius Caesar

-Chicken breast
-Yogurt or heavy whipping cream
- diced Tomatoes
- diced Onions
-A wee bit o' flour with salt an' pepper to taste
-Shan Masala--> butter chicken style
-Laal mirch
-maybe some other stuff that I forgot because i'm typing this at school rn

1. Cut that chicken!!!!
2. Coat the chicken in flour!!!!!
Now, put that aside
4. Heat oil in a detchki or a pot?? I think it's a pot in english??
5. Now that it's hot, add diced tomatoes and onions!!! This is called TARKA!!!
6. Add ur spices!!!!! Wait a wee bit until they are incorporated
7. Add ur yogurt or heavy whipping cream, my fam prefers the cream
8. Add ur chicken!!!!!!
9. Eat with naan!!!!
11. HAVE LIKE 90433984703948570348 cups of CHAI!!!!
12. YAYYY!!!!!!


Message to Readers

I know this isn't really a writing piece, but like, b u t t e r c h i c k e n. And yes, I don't have precise measurement because, well, I'm in school. To those of you who have never had butter chicken you're missing out on a LOT!! To my fellow desi (I'm Pakistani) peeps, hmu on your favourite dish!!
-Julius Caesar

Peer Review

Honestly I love how as a teen we can relate to the style of writing you have, like it really is super interesting to see that it;s not very formal and easier to be more interested into making your buttered chicken:)

So did you grow up eating buttered chicken or was it something that you recently started eating and decided to continue to eat and like decide to give the recipe out?

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