Lisa S.

Umm... I'm a person who just writes to have fun and when I am bored I guess...

Red Converse.

March 19, 2015

PROMPT: Walking


With her bright red converse ,matching her stylish yet subtle outfit, slowly and effortlessly slamming softly on the earth, the woman's arms swished back and forth in a rhythmic flow. The slow trot she was sporting was slow motion compared to the speeding cars on the road. Book bag in hand and a determined look on her face the woman was heading towards somethere whether it be a place or even a state of mind no one knows. Though her sparkling gray eyes never left the pavement and she was moving along rather slowly you could sense she had somewhere or somplaceto go and was determined to get there. When the woman suddenly stopped she looked up at the cloud fillled sky, sighed and said, "Summer is coming."


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