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to cherish

By: ♛DaBolo♛

                                                          filled with a lot of sauce,
                        not a family recipe,
   but it will soon become a recipe to cherish,

                                cause my recipes are always like a brand new world inside your mouth.

I did a lowercase poem for some reason. I hope you like it. Also I am writing a novel and haven't been writing recently on WTW. I am working on some other BTS stuff, so soon I should have some more writing. Also I don't know how I formatted this, but I think you guys will like it.

Peer Review

The structure of this piece is very unique and the way it was written drew me in. Spicy and Tasty stand out to me since they are surrounded by space. I also like how you mention how this dish you are making is not a family recipe, but it is still cherished.

No questions.

Reviewer Comments

This piece was short and simple and that is what I appreciate about this piece. Although, the piece is vague, I can still understand the general idea behind it.

Good work! :)