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Hello. I'm @DaBolo, I dream of becoming a novelist. I am currently writing my first novel. I mostly write poems on here, just because long posts tend to scare people away. Write The World is amazing, shoutout to @Tushar Mandhan for being kind to all.

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The world is full of birds
chirping in the wind,
whispering lots of words,
through their chirps they grinned.

Contest Winners:
@Anha- third place
@BurningMidnightOil- second place
@jeily- also second place
@Wicked- first place

I am so close to 50 followers. I'm so happy, thanks for all the support.

to cherish

September 22, 2019

                                                          filled with a lot of sauce,
                        not a family recipe,
   but it will soon become a recipe to cherish,

                                cause my recipes are always like a brand new world inside your mouth.
I did a lowercase poem for some reason. I hope you like it. Also I am writing a novel and haven't been writing recently on WTW. I am working on some other BTS stuff, so soon I should have some more writing. Also I don't know how I formatted this, but I think you guys will like it.

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