"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you."
- Maya Angelou

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Hello, fellow WtW writers! Do you enjoy participating in contests that other members have to offer? Do you love prompts that make your imagination burst with ideas? Join this account for plenty of Cues&Contests, from prompts ranging in sci-fi to global to fantasy to reality and/or contests for you to enjoy and write your heart out in! I hope that you will enjoy this as much as I, and I cannot wait to get started!
To join, please read the published piece, "ABOUT Cues&Contests... CALLING ALL WRITERS" for further instructions and an introduction.
If you have any questions about this account, the work to come, or just curiosities, please feel free to ask me in any of my published pieces.

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WINNERS of #Ashes... Announced!

September 28, 2019


Hello dear writers!

This is it, the moment you've been waiting for... the winners of the #Ashes contest! All of the entries were beyond amazing, so to everyone who entered, the dearest thank you! I will be working on the prizes and shout-outs in the next three weeks, if time be so merciful.

To anyone who was not in the contest, do not despair, there is so much more that you can take part in with this account. The first piece written, ABOUT Cues&Contests... CALLING ALL WRITERS!!!, explains what this account is working towards and what you can do here! Everyone is welcome, so come one in! 

The following information was the theme of the contest, and the criteria by which I marked the entries:

THEME: "Out of the ashes, arose a hero."

- You may only have one submission
- Looking for creativity, uniqueness, and originality!
- Please keep the language to a minimum
- Besides that, and as I will continue to say, BE CREATIVE!! Dig deep into your writing minds and come up with something powerful, something capturing, something inspiring. And most important of all, have fun! <3

1st Place: 5 reviews of your choice and a shout-out
2nd Place: 3 reviews of your choice and a shout-out
3rd Place: 2 reviews of your choice and a shout-out

NOW, without further ado... 

1ST PLACE: timtam.9
with your entry: Run | #Ashes

2ND PLACE: Red_Rose_Blooming
with your entry: Serendipity #Ashes

Last but not least... 
3RD PLACE: BurningMidnightOil
with your entry: For The Valiant #Ashes

And to all the amazing entries, because without you this contest would not have happened, I applaud you! In no particular order, amazing job to everyone :)

Harlow with Hope #Ashes

LittleWolf with Soltuunli #Ashes (Soltuunli Project)

Aurora Borealis_03 with Guerra #Ashes

Anha with the honest hero; a burning tragedy | #Ashes

AJ - Izzy with Speak #Ashes


Thank you so much to everyone who entered, I'm very glad that there is so much talent and creativity here! If you won, please comment below as to which pieces you would like me to review. Thanks again, may you all write to your hearts desire. 

Keep writing and make it happen :)

- Cues&Contest



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  • timtam.9

    Thank you so much for choosing me as first. It was a fun prompt to play with and I congratulate my fellow competitors. Can you please review my pieces Alligator, Heavy Weight and Flute- the other two I don’t mind. Once again, thank you so much.

    12 months ago
  • BurningMidnightOil

    Thank you for choosing my piece as your third place winner. I am beyond grateful. Excellent work to all who submitted an entry! Don’t give up; I’m telling you, it takes practice and heck ton of critique you may or may not appreciate. I would like my pieces “Brumal Night” and “The Racer and The King” reviewed. Thank you!

    12 months ago