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Hi! I love writing about animals, fantasy and just expressing myself through words. 'A painting paints a thousand words' so why not a thousand words form a painting?

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Hi! I write for hobby and for escaping troubles. I love to write as I get to 'live through' the stories I improvise on the spot. It makes me able to feel and be someone else in a world where I can change anything.I hope my words can make a difference

The Sea's Master

April 28, 2016


The sea
lies still
on a quiet sun set
when it will wake

No one will know

The sea
wakes up
stretching out
as far as it can go

brushing the sand with its tips

The sea
yawns, sloshing the water
in a soft soothing

one that sings the fish to sleep

The sea
moves softly along
cradling those who have tamed
the beast

who could so easily turn against them

The sea
bends to men's will
allowing them to take
the fishes it has watched grow in its waters

Not arguing as they pull its children from its grip

The sea
aides ships
pushing them along
and keeping the dangers at bay

waving good bye as it contracts at low tide

The sea
is a mother
a father
a guardian

and will throw itself at whoever endangers those it protects

The sea
is a beast
an untamable

who can turn on you in an instant

The sea
can draw you in with its silent song
and just as quickly
deafen you with its roar

and drive you away

The sea
can throw a tantrum
screaming as storms pour
as it raises its mighty hands

and crushes down on ships it once aided

The sea
can rise
and sweep across land
dousing a city

and drowning everyone in it

The sea
is a powerful creature

one who listens to no one

But one

"I shan't obey men's cry
for they have abused me
I have led them with a gentle hand
and yet they betray me

thinking they can win

​I shan't help them
as they beg me to raise their sails
so that they may tread across my waters
only to draw blood from another city

using me for their ill doing

I shan't forgive them
for they have thrown waste
into my pools
tainting it with their trash

and poisoning my children

​I shan't overlook them
as they take my children
and slaughter them before my eyes
and tossing them, bleeding

back into my arms, where they cry before their blood fills my waters and they sink lifelessly to the deep

​I shan't let pass their
evil cruelty
as they abuse those I have nurtured
and stealing them from my waters

to throw them into tiny boxes, forcing them to bounce a ball when man blows a whistle

I will not hold back on man

any longer
for you truly are
a terrifying race

but you've made one mistake

I was never under you

I do not obey you

For you are not my master

And one day, I will be granted
the permission to strike back
with my full might
for I have spared you by punishing

only with a fraction of my power

I will race across land higher and faster
I shall devour country by country
I will throw you beneath my waters
and ignore your pleas

as you run out of air

​On that day, I will rise to my full height
and I will punish humanity
for its wrongs
they dare inflict on me

I am not your dog

I will fight back

Foolish humans
thinking you've tamed me
when really, 
what kept me from wiping out ALL of you

was my master's command

"Not yet," He told me
"Soon." he said
And thus I've waited
keeping my patience 

for that day he will let me free

I shall reap into humanity and tear a hole in their numbers

I shall avenge each and everyone of my children
which I have so graciously
let them take
but now they do not stop when I tell them to

thinking it was their right all along

I shall fill your streets with your blood
in which for centuries
you've spilled into me
as you laugh at the deaths of my children

not realising I was there watching

I shan't hold back
I will strike out for all I'm worth
nothing to which I will yield
none to which I shall obey

Until the day

my master comes

his face shining like ten thousand suns

his robes the whitest, that will make humanity's 'white' look charcoal black

angels at his sides

as he rides on the clouds

and looks at the carnage I've caused

​at all the ones who've perished at my hands

and turn to me

"Stop." He will say

And I will obey

for then, it will be my master's turn

to judge the people 

and instead of drowning in my waters

they will be punished

​and be thrown into lakes of fire'

The sea
is forgiving
for now
so do not make it angry

for when that day arrives

he will strike out with all the fury he's kept these centuries

The sea
only has one master
and his word
is the only thing

letting us maintain the life we have now

And if he is so mighty as to command the sea with a single word

why shouldn't we?



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