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Stapling my fingers and bubble gumming things back together- insecurity is one thing me and the Louvre have in common.

Winged Victory

November 24, 2019


It was warm-
Skin should be, but I recoiled
Alarms blared throughout the museum as you turned your marble head down to me
Down to look at me
That's the thing with sculptures-
I already know it's stone, don't carve it like it's hard,
Make it soft
And eyes like that and skin like that-
That's art
It was warm and it moved slightly, 
like it should
concave dome around my fingertips
Pressed in like dough caked in flour
Where's the line between an idol and art?
I guess it doesn't matter if we all believe we're catholic anyway
Paint me in the school of Athens, if not a man, than at least a pillar
That I may be immortalized in something that matters
I was the column that killed Solomon-
Maybe I was made of marble and killed me
It was warm-
Like skin should be, but I didn't trust it
Handcuffs on my wrists but they can't lead me away
My body's made of marble
What's the difference between love and art?
It won't matter when we're together
Eyes like that and and skin like that-
It's a brand new kind of renaissance

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  • Loser

    I like how this relates to your other piece.

    10 months ago