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Message to Readers

I found the head though lost to time and re-attached it with some duct-tape and glue. Ain't Jean-Luc Martinez proud of me yet? Eith way he's going to have one hell of mess to clean up.

Winged Victory

September 20, 2019


It was warm-
Skin should be, but I recoiled
Alarms blared throughout the museum as you turned you marble head down to me
Down to look at me
That's the thing with sculptures-
I already know it's stone, don't carve it hard,
Make it soft
And eyes like that and skin like that-
That's art
It was warm and it moved slightly, 
like it should
concave dome around my fingerprints
Where's the line between an idol and art?
I guess it doesn't matter if we all believe we're catholic anyway
Paint me in the school of Athens, if not a man, than at least a pillar
That I may be immortalized in something that matters
It was warm-
Like skin should be, but I didn't trust it
Handcuffs on my wrists but they can lead me away
My body's made of marble
eyes like that and and skin like that
It's a brand new kind of renaissance

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