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The Choices we Make

May 8, 2016

PROMPT: All Talk

What do you mean?
I mean I had I no choice.
No choice?
Yes, no choice. 
You always have a choice, and you should know that better than anyone.
I had no options! It was join or be killed. 
And now you will be killed in battle.
I will die with honor.
You will die fighting alongside the very man you swore to destroy. 
Desperate times call for desperate measures. 
No, times like these call for us to stay strong to who we are, not become the ones we claim to hate. 
You don't understand, I didn't have a choice. 
I understand perfectly. We both have changed, one of us has become strong and the other has become weak.
I hope you are implying that you are the weak one.
What happened to us? We were best friends... and now you are nothing but my brother. We share nothing but blood. 
We are still what we were! You just don't understa--
Don't you dare say I don't understand! I may be younger than you but I am just as smart as you are! 
They gave me two choices: death or honorable death. 
No they didn't. You chose to associate yourself with those, those animals! You were fascinated by their ideals --
Don't interrupt me! You claimed you joined them to protect us, but you did it because you wanted to. I know that now, I heard you talking to the General. Now leave, I have to pack. 
Where are you going?
A place where I will be free, and where I will never have to associate with you again. 
Yes brother?
Are you really leaving Europe?
I am. 
Uh, well, um, bye then. 
Don't cry it isn't a manly thing to do. 
I am not crying, I just have something in my eye.
Stop smiling, this isn't funny. 
The fact that we are still bickering is. I will miss you. I will be back, I promise. 
Bye Maximilian. I will be waiting for my stupid brother, but I cannot always save you. Rember that.  
Until tomorrow Aurora. 
Until tomorrow... 
This is supposed to be the interaction of two siblings (who were once very close) who are being torn apart due to their contrasting political views in a Nazi Germany. I was wanting to write a historical fiction piece and I have been wanting to write about two siblings. This was my opportunity. This story was inspired by my History class. 

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