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Mulberries #Home

September 20, 2019


The grubby pink stool teetered beneath me, threatening to toss me into the hole that once housed Grandmother Willow. I flung my berry-stained hands out for balance, holding my breath. It steadies. I threw a grin at my sister; I was getting quite good at this balancing business. I cautiously reached overhead once more, straining again to reach the gleaming purplish berry. As I did so, the catchy tune that spoke of a mulberry bush twisted and spun in my head until I couldn’t tell where it began and ended.

Rising onto my tiptoes was the final resort; I could almost taste the saccharine flavour rolling on my tongue. The fruit gleamed dully in the abnormally hot afternoon sun, rich waxy green leaves surrounded it like bodyguards. The back of my shirt was damp with sweat, beads of sweat gathering on my brow. I gently use my forefinger and thumb to pinch the stem and release the berry. It falls into my hand with no trouble as I descend the soapbox. My sandals crush the overripe berries underfoot, squelching noisily. 

I wipe at my brow as my sister offers the bowl of the other carefully selected candidates. I toss it in backtrack up the grass until I was at the zenith of the slope where I would be safe from blue and purple stains. I lay down and smile serenely, staring into the puffy cloud infested sky. The monstrous maple tree that stretched four stories shone golden as the sun began to conclude the daily symphony. A dyad of chittering birds flit past, swooping and gliding before landing upon a muscled arm of the giant. 

I would be content nowhere else because thiswas home. 
Finished: (19/9/19 5:08PM)
My thanks to @SparklingEmbers for hosting this lovely contest!


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