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Just Pasta is not Just Pasta

By: CierraIsJustAName

One Serving:

-Handful of spaghetti (or fill a bowl with smaller types of pasta and use that amount)
-Plain tomato sauce
-meat (suggested: beef)
-onions, spices, (whatever you want, make your own! My own recipe isn't for the taking, sorry)

Boil water, put pasta in and boil till soft. Heat up sauce mixed with ingredients yada yada yada.. We have all heard this before, it isn't too difficult. Sorry, but I can't give you instructions on your own sauce. Just go with the flow, no recipe is not a recipe.

If you don't understand what I am saying, I am explaining that MAKE YOUR OWN RECIPE. I guarantee that no recipe is like one another, and your favorite will be your own. Your culture and stomach can be the same, just put your mind to it. No, not your mind. Put your hunger to it. I guarantee it will work.

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The whole interpretation of making the pasta yours.

No I dont have any questions but this is a good way to embrace being independent

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