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Haidon Williams

American Samoa

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I wrote this book for a friend who was a great friend of mine so i wrote to let her know how much she loves she will always be my friend!!!!

Whisper stone Warrior

May 2, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt


Once upon a time there was a little girl named Winnie she was at least 10 when her village was attacked by Guns of the arch the worst of kind of gun men ever.while her father wisp was killed by the guns of the arch her mother and Winnie were able to survive the guns and the swords.  her mother shortly after found a house that was in pretty great shape so they bought the house and went to live near the woods and one day her mother went to pick some berries from the garden put just then her mother heard something from in the woods she looked and found a dog named wisp she was wounded from a black bear then her mother took this little pup home so her daughter would not feel alone from her wisp’s death.on winnie’s 15th Birthday she got wisp she had a homemade collar made of seashells it said WISP on the collar she cried so hard she thought of her father who died 5 years she deiced to train wisp just like her father. So she deiced to work as hard as her she asked for her golden birthday she wanted a golden sword to take on quests and to earn money for her and her mother like slaying dragons,fighting cave trolls and bounty hunting for over 500 yins or 700 yangs. She loved her mother and she would take care of her just like her father did. Until one day there was hope for her mother and herself she would take the heads of the guns of the arch.she thought she could do it but then she found a young boy named ezra and a young girl named cleo they were brother and sister fighting with pretend sticks from the woods and then she thought i cannot do this without those 2 kids so she asked how would you kids like to be apart of this quest to get the heads of the guns of the arch they said yes because they said that let us get ready for an adventure soon after they were ready for the big fight coming there way.  
Then they were ready to begin there quest through Cave troll cave, Look-alikes cove, Treeless Island and then though chocolate cave that sounds DANGEROUS said Cleo do not worry said a voice from behind them they looked no one was there a woman came from a distance she spoke softly and said you will need these and man came from a distance this man looked familiar to Winnie it looked like her father but it couldn’t be him it is me said the voice father yes i am here winnie looked at him and then gave her father a kiss and hug for so long since she has seen him where have you been all this time for 5 years now up there in Heaven for fighting against the guns of the arch. Then erza and cleo said who is that m-m-m-y-y father.wait a minute this is your father.Yes, why he looks so real that is because i am Uhh.Yes i am so Glad to see you again my precious stone so where is your mother,Back at home in her bed asleep just then her father says i smell fire Oh No Mother is in her bedroom asleep! That did not sound good. Mom where are YOU!!!!!!!! Looks like a new evil,Whisper who would have done this the Dragon Ryders wait who i encounter them along the day i almost died the magic river your friend dunked me in it “dana” while saving my life she did not save her’s Whisper started to cry. How dare those those DRAGON RYDERS!!!!!! They will pay for what they did to my mother if she is killed or still alive.


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