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I am a 17 year old student that aims to pursue a career in screenwriting or writing in the future when I grow up. I especially wish to help those who are depressed

Message to Readers

This is an open confession of a Rape story
A girl is raped and is confessing to her boyfriend about her dark past in order to overcome her emotional damage and stress.

The message and the point of this is to really just tell all victims of rape out there, that it is never their fault. You will feel awful, you will feel guilty and ashamed but it isn't your fault.

It took me a long time to realize that.

The Open Confession

April 28, 2016

PROMPT: All Talk

Kayle, it's been a while since we've started dating and i think i'm finally ready to confess.

What's up babe? 

6 years ago, when my mother had divorced with my biological father, she had remarried an elder man. 

Oh...sorry bout that.

This man was handsome, charming and had everything she wanted, while my real father wasn't the best, he was quirky, funny and loved me. But this new man she remarried, he did not love me. He loved my mother and.. something else.

Huh? Of course, he loved your mom. What else did he love though? 

....My body.


I said, my body.

Wait, what? Your body? Like...did he try and touch you--

....yes. When i was 12 years old, about a month after remarrying my mother, he came into my room one night while my mother was away in Boston for business. 

Oh shit. Wait so he...

He began touching me, suggestively at first, rubbing my thighs and caressing my cheek and neck and then his hands would just slowly move under my clothes. I remember the feeling of fear enveloping me, the constant questions swirling through my mind as he pinned me down under his strong arms and rendered me helpless. 

Babe you don't have to force yourself to..

Kayle shut up! Just...listen. Please. It's really important and i NEED to tell you. 

Alright..i love you no matter what, okay? 

Okay...So..continuing..he just...he kept telling me how my mother broke up with my father because of me, how I was still living in a daze. He said, "Let me help you grow up," and forced himself onto me, pulling off my clothes and leaving me bare. The cold air from the air-conditioner blowing hard against my naked body, leaving me feeling as cold as my emotions inside as he poured lube all over me and began to rape me. He sexually harassed me, and RAPED me, Kayle. I lost my virginity to a 58 year old man, who was supposed to be my new father. I-I....I..

Ash. Ash. Ashley! Take your time Ashley. Take your time... I'm here.


Yes love?

Did you know? After my mother came back...i complained to her than my new father had been doing strange things to me...did you know what she did?  She hit me. She said not to lie and speak nonsense about him, having this sort of illusion that he was some godlike figure or some irreplaceable man. Do you know what? My real father was irreplaceable and my stupid mother went to...divorce with him. She doesn't even understand how much he hurts, and is merrily having new love with a rapist. She's...She's such an irresponsible mother! I hate her! It's because of her that he could continue--

Calm down. Ash..., sweetie. Relax...

H-He continued to rape me for another good few years behind my mother's back until i finally got the courage to run away and live with my real father. My father doesn't know yet...i haven't had the guts to tell him. But i figured i should tell you've always been here for me...I know what you're going to say. I bet you're going to say that I should have run away earlier. But what could i do? I was still a child and my mother had full custody over me. This man that raped me...he ruined my body, my heart, my everything and i fell into depression...of course...until you came around and helped.

Ash....anything for you. I'm glad you're better. Come here.

Thanks...your hugs are always the warmest, I really love you. Please. Please don't hate me. 

I love you too, Ash. I could never hate you. And if there really is anything i need to's this. "It's not your fault". It's not your fault any of this happened, it's his. I love you, and I promise. I promise i will stay by your side and protect you, and i will never let any of this happen again. Ever. 



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