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Too Late to Regret

April 28, 2016

PROMPT: Time Traveler

I was young,
I learnt so many, yet so little.

Piano, pressing into each key, 
Magical melody flew into my ears.
But flew out eventually...
I gave up.

Ballet, spinning gracefully on the stage,
Enjoying the freedom and beauty of dancing.
Putting focus into each step,
But lost my footing later...
I gave up.

Painting, dabbing my emotions into each color.
Observing nature,
Sketching the beautiful creatures,
Watching them come alive,
Yet, they didn't last long...
I gave up.
Again, and again.

Parents warned me not to blame them,
If I regretted my actions,
And I promised I wouldn't.
Yet, I feel like blaming someone,
Even though it is my own fault.

I know this, 
Yet I don't want to admit it...
Is it really...
Too late to regret?


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