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stress baking

By: luluwrites111

Two and a quarter cups of flour and one teaspoon of baking soda poof into the air like a cloud, settling onto a fine layer of powder on my skin, my eyelashes, and my hair. Two eggs splinter and drop their golden white interior into my smaller bowl, pieces hanging onto the whole by a thin membrane. The vanilla follows, resting in circles among the yellow. I chop chocolate and sigh, as the subtle but powerful scent of cacao permeates my fingertips.

The butter whips perfectly--too cold and it will lump, too hot and it will melt. A mountain of sugar, exactly three quarters of a cup of each kind, sits on top of the mixture, ready to be whisked in. The eggs and vanilla join it, followed by the soft flop of the flour mixture going into the bowl. The sultry smell of vanilla dances just under my nose as I sweep the last of the chopped chocolate chunks into the dough, and knead it to my heart's content. 

I spread a piece of wax paper onto the sheet, overflowing just a bit. The mechanical crackle and release of the ice cream scooper is immensely satisfying, as each almost dome of golden cookie dough plops onto the paper. 

Now here's where the magic happens. 

Exactly fourteen and a half minutes in the oven at three fifty. One batch makes thirteen cookies. 

Peer Review

This reminds me of when i use to bake cakes when i was little and read the cook books with detail but like like this one.

Is this something you really made or is it just a poem you just decided to write?

Reviewer Comments

I really like the the details, it is as if i can really see what your saying. It great that there is an actual recipe with meaning.