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far too nonchalant about things i should probably care about

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reviews pLeAsE. reviews without anything constructive are honestly a waste of your time, more than anything. be harsh or whatever when you critique me, but please do.

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September 19, 2019



you are an effigy of nonchalant affection
ripped jeans in the snug corners of a hollow december
i think you knew what i meant when i said nothing—
unsung feelings, glances laced with vitriol
you watched me sink into paperback novels
i lived in my head all the time

you did not understand me playing

with my emotions, bleed as they might
for lyrical mastery 
and the intricacy of a sob story
but i reeked of apathy, really
fish dead eyes at screaming lovers
smug faces at tragedies
my apartment crying for me;
i think i was scary 

señor, won't you light it for me?
please close the door on your way
intruders love me more than you do.
you should dress warmer in december
and cry in the taxi home
and sleep under the neon lights
of a barman's generosity

maybe you and i are a hiccup
in this seamless anecdote of 
a perfect love

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1 Comment
  • Dani A. Remlap

    This hurt. It's aching and sad and the voice... It's the bitter sound of a story already told, yet you aren't satisfied with the ending

    over 1 year ago