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Y'know, I really hope I can pull off the cool mysterious deep writer persona. That'd be sick.

Message to Readers

This always happens. I start out writing one poem and it becomes something else and I think it's kinda okayish but I feel like readers won't get it so then I begin explaining but that sounds weird and I think I made it work here because I used it as the narrative but idk. This is just how my mind works and it all makes sense to me, but you aren't me. I hope people can find themselves within me. Wouldn't that be neat, to not be alone? I don't want to be a selfish or arrogant writer, thirsty for praise. But I do want to connect with my audience and make them feel. I don't really know if I've got much of an audience. Here I go rambling again lol. I'll cringe at this later, but this is me as an author reaching out and speaking, because I always feel like I want to peak at who the author is, after reading their work. Thank you, lol.

Rabbit Holes

September 16, 2019


Hand me your daggers of frustration,
I'll slice myself open and let my guts spill upon the page, just for you.
You can dive in like wolves and gorge yourselves, numbing your minds upon the words splattered upon the page. 

I am nothing.
I am an outlet for you, an escape. 
Your blood lust subsides, and your humanity returns. 

I only wish I was enough,
Truly up to standard. 

Could I ever truly be a master, enough to be there for a reader?
I find myself lost in question pondering my own ability. 

I talk great talk, but that's all it is. 
An attempt to talk my daydreams into reality, to add color to the beige page. 
All I sound is arrogant. 

Let's try again...

You are like sweet peaches and melodies.
You let my nonsensical rambling wash over you like a wave lapping at the beaches sandy shores. 
Your ears never grow tired of my scratchy voice jumping from rabbit hole to rabbit hole. 

I know I love you, yet my mind won't ever let me believe the same from you. 
I know I'm silly, but please, remind me, every day. 
Does your love ever grow dull? 

I talk a lot, but you know I adore listening. 
You've seen and heard all my most ridiculous thoughts, angers and insecurities. 
Does that make one harder or easier to love? 

No one ever taught me how to love myself right, so I don't know how to be loved right. 
I hope I love you right. 

This concept of love. 
I'm in love with it. 
From daggers and knives to songs and beaches, I'll do anything for this stupid concept. 


Here we have it, the perfect example of rabbit holes. 
From gore and arrogance to tripping over my own heels in love. 
But it's never romance. Never. 

Just the simple love and caring for one another, yet another concept that requires more practice. 

I'm afraid I've lost you along this path I've made. 
Rabbit hole to rabbit hole my mind wanders all to quick. 

You must forgive  me.

It's almost as if each stanza is its own one liner. 
It's own story, but I haven't got enough time to explore it all too deeply yet, because I'm running fro one rabbit hole to another.

Be quick or you'll get left behind. 


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