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That room [Chap 1]

April 27, 2016


Chapter 1

She looks up from her book, scanning the small bright room. The voice disappears as quickly as it appeared, silence filling its space. She squints and glances around the room. The large bookshelves stand side by side in straight lines, like looming walls keeping the child from the unknown world outside. The wooden door to her left is the only way of enter and escape, shut tightly. She is sitting in the lone seat of the room, a large bean bag. Dismissing the sound as her imagination, she focuses on her book and continues reading.

“Did you hear me?”

The voice is louder this time, a trace of hope laced in it. The bespectacled child glances around the room once more, searching for the voice which disrupted her reading. Finding nothing again, she returns to the world between the pages of the book.

“Reading again, Daia?” Recognising the voice, she looks up, coming face to face with a pair of orange eyes, reflecting her own. “Obviously. What’s the matter, Sabio?” The girl asks. “The maids are worried you haven’t eaten anything yet. Do you want some food, lil’ sis?” Sabio asks holding up a tray of food.

“A little.” Daia mumbles. The raven-haired male holds out an apple to the younger girl, hoping she would eat. Closing her book, the bespectacled girl removes herself from the comfy seat and places the book back to its place on the shelves. Sabio watches the girl’s movements, his stare piercing to the back of her head, waiting for her to take the apple from his palm.

The bespectacled child constantly disappeared from her room, causing difficulty for the maids who are paid to care for her. Sabio could not understand the difficulty the horrible maids experience in finding his younger sister, she only rarely returns to the same place every day and the mansion was only so big. Plus, there is a chance she would change her location, usually to the room with the long abandoned music instruments to make music or the room full of written worlds of knowledge to read; rather than reading on the modern day phone or laptop.

Daia walks back to her brother and takes the apple from his hand, taking a bite from it. “Come on, let’s go to the living room. Honoria and Corbin are visiting us, they’re upstairs in the living room.” Sabio says and ruffles the black hair on the bespectacled girl’s head. Sabio heads out the door with Daia trailing behind him as she pats down her hair.
This takes place in the present, almost near future not the past. Sorry if some parts of their speech seems like it's taking part in the past. 
It's gonna have a couple of chapters XC
Probly gonna take a while to finish -u-


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