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Sarah Grimson


the sun shines in you ☀

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Just a piece so any feedback is welcome :)


April 27, 2016


Charlotte, a strange and unique girl, had been blind since she was 10. Seeing was a memory, good times forgotten under the weight of living, a luxury she wished for so badly. To be able to look for a face in a hallway that wasn’t full of whispered conversations that end when she walks by. That wasn’t full of stares she couldn’t and would never see again. How she wished to be able to look at the stars and name the constellations and remember them like the freckles on her mothers face. To make sure they weren’t changing when someone turned around. Or running away, like everyone else did when she needed them most.
All she wanted was for her useless eyes to work from when she got up at dawn in the morning, to the time when she went to sleep for the very last time.


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