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Hi! I love writing about animals, fantasy and just expressing myself through words. 'A painting paints a thousand words' so why not a thousand words form a painting?

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Hi! I write for hobby and for escaping troubles. I love to write as I get to 'live through' the stories I improvise on the spot. It makes me able to feel and be someone else in a world where I can change anything.I hope my words can make a difference

Whose home?

April 28, 2016

PROMPT: Flashlight

I see you like that house of yours
after all I liked it too
before you came and teared my forest down
just so you could have your fancy set up

You may not see me,
but I'm here
and I'm watching you
with pure hatred

Of course you didn't think
of poor little me
of the tiger's home
you destroyed

The home you stole

Its funny how you come at me
with sticks that fire small black pellets
for tresspassing
as I take a step onto my old territory

Is this home really yours?
I was here first
I scented the place as mine
and what did you do?

You came with roaring yellow monsters 
who crushed the earth
who tore down the trees with its terrible claws
that filled the air with black gas

I've been patient now
I've only gone past to the neighbourhood
but yet you shriek and chase me away
now I can't even take a walk around my old home?

What else do you want from me?!

Whose home is this, really?
My family stayed here before you were born.
I didn't argue when you stole it
when you demolished an entire forest

I didn't argue when you ran at me
with your odd weapons
to confront me
as I stepped into view

I didn't argue as you stole 
my prey with your
shiny black stick
with black pellets

I didn't argue as you filled the air
with black smoke
and ruined the river
with trash

But on that day
I came back to that small 
den a good distance from you
I called my new home

When I brought a deer in my jaws
to my hungry cub
but instead of my little bundle
I saw you

You were standing there
shiny stick in hand
the scent of blood so strong, it stung my eyes
and a scarlet furry heap at your feet

That, was when
I could never forgive you
I bared my fangs
and leapt

You aimed the stick at my chest
and a searing pain tore through me
I roared, crumpling to the ground
as blood pooled beneath me

And at that very moment
all patience I kept
all rage I bottled up
All came pouring out

You took my home
you took my prey
you destroyed the river and air
and now you've killed my cub

You humans are sick.

You've taken everything from me
now its not enough, is it?
You want my life
and my fur

You want to keep me
as a sick attraction 
stuffed and harmless
like the prey you stole

You want me to be another of your 'entertainment'
something you can tell your friends about
something you can brag about
and next, you want the same for the rest of us

And you think you have the right to do this.

Its your property, you say.

But whose home is it really?

It won't matter now.

Soon, you'll have me stuffed 
and presented in your house
and you won't stop
until all of us our dead

Then you'll destroy another forest
and repeat what you've done here
I only hope the other animals
move out before you get there

And if you think I'll ever forgive you
I tell you now, I will never in my life
let you-



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  • Gail -u-

    That hit me hard. It's good that you chose to do this in a poem rather than in paragraphs and writing a story. Keep up the work. -U-

    over 2 years ago