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Hi! I'm Cierra, also known as Cece. I love writing but I am struggling to find time to finish all of my pieces. The real question is if anyone will even like my pieces enough to remember them...

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Please review my work and tell me what you think of it. Don't go easy on me, I am genuinely curious what people think of it. I plan on becoming a writer, so this is one of many steps to reach my goal!


January 15, 2020

PROMPT: Child Narrator

    What in God's name is a mocha milkshake, and who thought it was better than the vanilla? Tina checked the menu again. Yup, she wasn't mistaken, the mocha milkshake was getting better reviews. She huffed, thinking of the stupid teenagers and their stupid hormones and their stupid obsession with stupid caffeine.

    Tina stopped her intense day-pondering, and grabbed her baby-sister's hand. She pulled her up to the counter, and said "What do you want, Bobbi?" The little toddler pointed at a picture of chicken nuggets. Tina turned back around and, tiptoeing to see the register, told the lady with curly red hair, "Chicken nuggets and a small soda, please."

    "Anything else?"
    "What else?"
    "I like your hair!"
    "Oh, um, thank you. What else do you want?"
    She turned at her mom. "Can I get two milkshakes?"
    "No, you can get one milkshake and a meal."
    "Order, Tina."

    Tina huffed. She turned back to the lady and looking up, trying to look older than eight years old, said, "One vanilla milkshake, and a cheesy burger."

    "One cheese burger... Would you like fries with that?"
    "Oh, yes please! Um... I didn't bring my piggy bank, so my mom is paying. Not me, just to be clear. She wants one of those green salads with chicken, and a large soda. Probably Diet Coke, that's her favorite."

    Tina walked off, pulling her sister behind her. Tina found a booth she liked, a bright view of the park and beach. She pushed her sister up to the far seat of the booth, unbothered to check if Bobbi was comfortable with her transportation to the farthest seat. "Stoooop Tina!" Bobbi said, flailing her arms at Tina.

    Tina looked over to see her friends, Parker and Jane coming in with their mom and dad. Tina's eyes lit up. "JAAANE!" She yelled, pushing past a young couple to get to her friends. "Took you long enough. I'm going to be eating my food right in front of you when your food is still being made. So you will get even more hungry and then when your food comes it won't be enough to full you up!" She said, matter-of-factly. Tina loved being the higher authority, just like a proper Junie B. Jones. Jane and Parker were still seven.

    Jane looked shocked, and Parker looked annoyed. "Then wait for us to eat!" Parker yelled.

    "Oh, are you going to the beach after you eat? David's family invited our WHOLE ENTIRE CLASS for a beach party!" Jane exclaimed excitedly. "I think he is going to pass out bubble gum, and he brought big floaties for us to all sit on."

    "No, duh! That's why we are here in the first place. Did you bring your pink flamingo bathing suit? I brought mine so we could be matching."

    Jane frowned. "I don't know. My mom said she brought my bathing suit, but she might have brought the flowery one. MOM, CURLY FRIES PLEASE!" Jane whispered, "I want curly fries because my brother doesn't, so I don't have to share and I get a whole box to myself!.

    Tina whispered, "Smart."


    Tina's mom brought the food to the booth, separating the food equally. "I got you both lemonades, is that okay?" Tina nodded, leaving her friends to go to her table.

    "Yup!" Bobbi said. Tina started her meal by devouring her french fries, debating if she had room for the main course of her kid's meal. Tina, just to annoy her sister after being a nuisance, took ONE of Bobbi's fries, which was the exact same as her own fries. "NOO!" Bobbi screeched, yanking one from Tina's tray while knocking over a ketchup bottle.

    "Girls." Their mother gave them a stern looking, shutting them up.

    After Tina finished her meal, she grabbed her milkshake and ran outside. "Mooom! I'll be at the beach with Jane's family!"

    Tina ran down the sidewalk, sipping her milkshake, pulling off her shorts (revealing her bathing suit.) Can't be late, can't be late! I CAN'T BE LATE FOR THE SANDCASTLE CONTEST!!! She really wanted to win that paper badge. She bumped into a table outside of Melvin's Meats.

    "Sorry, George!" She told the owner of the shop. She didn't know why his name was George, and not Melvin.

    "Oh, I thought that racketing was you, Tina. You heading to David's? Samantha stopped by before going there." He said in his sweet old man voice.

    "Yup! Hii, Tootsie!" She told the old German Shepard, sunbathing right in the middle of the sidewalk.

    Tina went back to running, struggling to take off her clothes, put on her flip-flops, and put it all in her backpack WHILE running. She wanted to get to the beach all ready to go swimming, hating the thought of changing in front of the boys even though she already had stuff to wear underneath.

    When she was running, a red Cadillac went speeding by her, and what would you know? TEENAGERS flailed their arms out of the car, singing as loud as possible to "These boots were made for walking." Stupid teenagers and their stupid driver's licenses and their stupid, STUPID catchy music. They turned a corner fast, almost forgetting to turn. She rolled her eyes. How naive of them. They almost ran over that lady! She watched as the lady jumped out of the car's path, as the car sped away, unbothered as if she were a mere leaf. Tina scrunched up her nose when she turned to see MORE teenagers goofing off, kicking a glass soda bottle. Tina never liked teenagers, after she realized how naive they were. Her mother probably would never forget it, too, after all, she now has to raise two children alone. One of them, young Bobbi, who will only remember her single mother.

    She stopped dead in her tracks, almost hitting a fire hydrant when she heard a sweet, sweet tune. ICE CREAM! She turned her head, almost three-sixty, and saw a truck stopping next to a park filled with kids. Yes! She ran across the street to get to the truck. Right as she stepped on the sidewalk, she felt a swift breeze, and turned to see that a truck had almost flattened her. OH MY GOSH! More naive drivers... they need to learn how to REALLY DRIVE. Pedestrians are innocent! She walked up to the ice cream truck, making sure she was in front of the smaller kids on their way to get some ice cream, as well. "Mr. Waters! Can I pretty please have a chocolate ice cream?"

    The man with a balding head frowned, scratching his head. "I thought I already gave you the amount due?"

    "Nope! You specifically said," she turned her voice deeper, pouting her lips and mimicking him terribly, "if you mow my lawn, you can have THREE free ice cream cones!" She smiled.

    He sighed, defeated. "Coming right up, to the boss!" He put a bunch of sprinkles on the cone, wrapped a napkin around it, and gave it to Tina. She reached up to grab it. "Thank you!" She waved and ran off to sit on a bench. Just a small, itsy-bitsy five-minute break won't make me late!

Fifteen minutes later, she wiped her hands and threw away her trash in the recycling bin. It all goes in the dump, anyways! She picked up her bag and went back to running to the beach. Even though she started with about ten blocks between her and Cheesy Steve's, her wandering mind never seemed to tire. She almost had to slap herself when she passed a joke shop/candy store. She continued to run, bumping into things, making adults wonder does this nuisance of a child have EYES? Or does she just run wildly into danger.

   Tina was almost to the beach when she ran across the main four-lane street. YES! Short-cut!!! She ran across the middle of the street, assuming adults weren't watching. Then came some familiar sound. It was getting closer. There was barely any time to investigate. What the- She turned her head for the first time on the road, and saw it.

    A red Cadillac bursting "These boots were made for walking," completely oblivious, just as Tina was.
This short story is about a child, maybe around the mid-1900's, and her oblivious, naive nature. Around those times, I realize from asking sources that when they were kids, that crimes and caution were... well, serious crimes weren't really heard of as much as today, and caution was taken lightly to kids in "good neighborhoods." This is about how young kids just run around, pretty sure that nothing will happen to them because nothing bad has ever happened in their La La Land. This is not to stereotype or an assumption, this is just what my sources have told me about that specific era. Tina has also had a bad past with naive teenagers, clearly bothered by the mere thought of them. I will not share her past story about it, I would like for my reader's to come up with it themselves.


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