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I love writing in animals perspective! Animal Lover!! >.

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Inner Wilderness

April 28, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt

    Sitting beside a clear flowing river, I blew a whistle, and rustling could be heard.

    From all sides of the forest, beautiful creatures appeared. Birds flew out of their nests, flapping their tiny wings, joyfully chirping under the sun...freedom. An owl landing on the branch, turning his head three-sixty...wisdom. Squirrels climbed out of the tree hole, still clinging on to their precious nuts...treasure. Two pretty butterflies danced around the sunflower...happiness.The bushes rustled as the wolves paced through them, out into the open...leadership. A doe walked towards her dear baby, encouraging it as it stumbled across the A hare bounced out of its cave, long ears pricked...vigilance.

    They circled around me, looking at me with those lively eyes. I looked from one to another, then finally, closed my eyes. How peaceful and nice it felt, as if all those characteristics had flowed into me.

    The wild isn't just the outdoor with dangerous creatures, but a heaven filled with freedom, wisdom, treasure, happiness, leadership, love and vigilance. The impression of the wild is wrong if you think it's dangerous and creepy, but it is actually so lovely and beautiful...that is the unknown inner wilderness.

This is my first writing, probably not very good, but hope you enjoy!


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