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Domini Snow

United Kingdom

Just a music junkie trying not to fail at life whilst dealing with it... and being secretly pretentious! XD

I don't have a Dad

April 27, 2016


When the boys said mean things and I didn't know what to say.
When mum got sad, I couldn't make her smile anyway.

When I had no friends and depression was looming.
When I said you abandoned me and you thought i was assuming.

When I asked mum "why don't I have a dad".
When the honest answer made me sad.

Why don't I have a dad? 
"He got mad..."
I'm so bad at poems (Is this even a poem?) however recently my dad after having only spoken to me on and off for a little less than a year said he didn't want to talk to me anymore I was enraged. His reasoning was I was too bitter and it was 'too much for him'. This is my way of venting without stabbing anyone so for all of you that have god awful dads... I feel you :'(


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