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I'm a thirteen-year-old who loves writing, music, and painting. Find me on Wattpad under the pen name eyi2191, and on fanfiction.net under the pen name HestiaForever.

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April 27, 2016


It had been a normal day before it all happened: the minutes ticking away like always, but no one really caring, no one really knowing, appreciating, just how precious every minute, every second was.
And she had been like that too.

That is, before the storm came.

The day sped by, and then she was heading home, her shoes clicking away on the well-worn, dusty path so many others had walked on before. But not a single one of them had really appreciated every step, every breath, every chirp of a bird that always filled you with a sort of irrational happiness.
And she had been like that too.

That is, before the storm came.

And then she was home, a sandwich in hand, chomping away as her pencil scribbled on the paper, and, just like so many others, not really paying attention to what she was writing, nor appreciating the fact that she had been gifted with a privileged life, in which she had never been hungry, never been homeless, never been lonely.

And then the storm came.

Three knocks on a door and a single sentence.
That’s all it took to turn her life upside down, all it took to change her world forever.
All it took to make her change her perception of the world.
And then, from then on, every second, every gift, every blessing, every moment of happiness, was important.
Because you never know when it might all be taken from you.

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