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April 27, 2016


Sometimes one can feel invisible. Feel like no one can see you, feel like no one cares; just for a moment, as you stand to the side on the field, perhaps, or when you’re sitting in the lunchroom all alone.
And then a friend is calling to you to come play soccer, or to sit with them, and the feeling is gone again. You’re swept back into your busy life, normal thoughts filling your head once again.
Coraline’s whole life was one of those ‘invisible moments’. At school, no one ever talked to her. She had no friends. She’d given up on raising her hand in class, because the teacher never called on her. If she said hello to someone, they never replied. When someone knocked her down in the hall, which happened quite a lot, they’d just cast a queer look around them at nothing in particular, stand up, and keep walking. And on, and on.
At home, everyone in her family of eight was always too busy to even acknowledge her presence. Her mom was always hustling about, trying to juggle her family life and her job at the same time. Her dad was never even around anymore. Her three older siblings were at college, and the other two were always at some activity, or doing something in their rooms, or something of sort. None of them ever talked to her.
Every day passed the same way. Wake up; eat breakfast, silently; get on the bus; go to school; get back on the bus and come home; do homework; eat dinner(once again, silently); go to bed; and do it all over again.
Coraline was invisible.
The days sped by, and as they did, she was aware of a gloom descending over the household. It was as if someone had died. At night, she could hear her mother sobbing in her bedroom, for no apparent reason. Her father disappeared for long intervals of time more and more often. Her two younger siblings always looked sad, and, sometimes, burst into tears, randomly.
But Coraline was still invisible. No one ever bothered to tell her the cause of their gloom; no one bothered to talk to her at all. In fact, she seemed to be more invisible than ever.
One night, around a year later, she was aware of her mother sobbing louder than ever. Listening to the heartbroken sound, Coraline could feel all the emotions she had suppressed for so long bubbling up inside of her. Anger. Confusion. Sadness.
Deciding to end everything once and for all, Coraline stormed down to her parents’ room, not caring that it was nearly one in the morning and she would probably wake everyone up. Perhaps, if she woke them up, they would finally notice her.
But nobody even so much as turned in their sleep.
Nearing her parents’ room, Coraline had every intention to slam the door open and get her feelings in the open for once. But, when she reached it, something she heard her mother say made her stop short.
“Oh, Coraline… oh, my baby… why?”
The first thing Coraline thought was, giddily, she mentioned me!! Not perfect, beautiful Elizabeth; not smart Lily; not sporty David. Me! Normal old me!! But then that feeling of happiness was replaced by irritation(I’m not a baby, for heaven’s sake!), then bewilderment.
Why would her mother say that? And why did she sound so… sad?
Coraline pressed her ear to the door, hoping to hear more.
“Oh, Coraline. I’m so sorry…  I didn’t ever pay attention to you enough, did I? And now it’s too late.”
It’s too late?
“I loved you so much, Coraline, even if I didn’t show it very well.
“Why did you have to die?”

And that was when everything went black.
Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks for reading!

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