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"If your dreams don't scare you they aren't big enough." -Unknown

But It Was Home

April 27, 2016

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    It was loud, hot, and crowded, but it was home. The stiff white couch under me was uncomfortable and scratchy, yet there were so many childhood memories that were linked to the “booby couch”. My six cousins’ laughter surrounded me, and everyone was talking over each other. The adults wandered around talking; I could easily pin-point Zio Fred, his loud voice made him recognizable in any crowd. The smell of Christmas lasagna, and the sound of arguing sisters drifted into the living room from the kitchen. I heard my Nonno screaming at my uncles for ‘cheating’ in the Italian Card Game, “Scopa”, and I chuckled.
    As I laughed, my cousin turned to face me, and raised an eyebrow. I smirked at Bianca, and pointed in the direction of the kitchen, the source of my amusement. Understanding what I was pointing at, Bianca rolled her brown eyes, laughed, and then turned back to the conversation, and responded to our other cousin,
    “Dante! Mah, what is that supposed to mean?” I rolled my eyes at their bickering and smiled contently. As I sunk deeper into the couch, I was reminded of all the days I had spent in my grandparents’ house with my family. I recalled the days of playing “tickle monster” with my grandparents, building monstrous pillow forts in the t.v. room with my cousins, eating tomatoes and raspberries in the garden, playing hockey on the driveway, and riding bikes in the basement. At the sound of my cousin Matthew asking me a question I was brought back to the present moment. So much had changed since then, but my grandparents house was still loud, hot, crowded, and my home.


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