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This is a rough draft of a flash fiction piece I wrote. Enjoy, please give feedback, and have a wonderful day!

Unlawful Assembly

September 15, 2019


    Rain clawed at the window panes, turning the world outside the inn to static. Ellis closed his eyes and waited for the dull roar to quell his headache. For a few moments, the empty bar seemed peaceful.
    “Why do you insist on meeting your clients at my bar after hours?” The clatter of a shot glass on the counter drove a spike of pain through his skull. Ellis opened his eyes and traced the rim of his glass with a thumb.
    “Who said I was meeting a client?” he muttered. “Can I not visit a friend at work?” Kiara snorted, kneeling to rummage under the counter.
    “You always have a client. And who comes to an inn, doesn’t book a room, and only orders water at the bar?” Ellis groaned, rolling his knuckles across his temple.
    “You’re the only one I trust for this sort of thing…” Two pills landed next to his elbow along with a full glass of water. "Low-rent assassins aren't exactly popular these days."
    “I know.” Kiara slid around the bar and pressed a kiss to Ellis’s cheek. “Be safe.” Ellis clenched his jaw, struggling not to lean after her as she stepped back. In one smooth motion, he washed down the painkillers and let the dagger tucked up his right sleeve flip into his open palm. The tip of the blade flashed, spinning fractured webs of light across the bar.
    “I can handle myself.”
    “I should think so; that’s my knife you’re twirling.” Ellis grinned sheepishly.
    “I was going to give it back, but I figured you didn’t want it returned covered in blood.” Kiara laughed and headed for the stairs, the sound of her boots muffled by the storm. 
    “Sure you were. And try to keep this meeting civil, Ellis. I’m tired of replacing broken things.” Ellis listened to her go, waiting for the sound of footsteps over his head to fade before pushing his sleeve up. He brushed his fingertips over the puckered scar on his forearm, wincing at the memory of iron piercing skin and trying to convince himself that the only broken thing Kiara would ever have to replace was the furniture.


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